Overcoming Your Fears: Unleash Your Inner Girlboss + Blogger

I'm super stoked to announce that Kristin (BelieveinaBudget.com) and I are doing another webinar together! It’s called Overcoming Your Fears and Unleashing Your Inner Girlboss and it’s happening this Saturday (November 12) at 11am CST/12 EST!

(Psssst...if you can't attend live, no problem. The replay will be available until the following Monday but you have to register to receive the link!)

I'll let you in on a nifty secret- almost all of us bloggers (newbies and seasoned!) have fears. Chances are, Kristin and I have had the same worries that you have right now.


Bring a pen and paper to this event because we'll be giving you questions and prompts to help you identify and overcome your blogging/business fears! Kristin and I mean business!

And don't forget to submit your questions on the LIVE page or vote for your favorite questions submitted by other users. ;)