Insanely Easy Guide to Writing Blog Posts Like a Boss

So you've built the framework for your blog and now it’s time to start writing posts! Woohoo! Let’s take the guesswork out of what you should have in every post, shall we? ;) 

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Here are each of the elements I recommend for engaging your audience, getting email subscribers, and posting valuable content on your blog. 

Starting a blog and want to know how to write the perfect blog post? I've got an insanely easy guide for writing content that rocks!
  1. Out-of-this-world purpose

  2. Subscriber incentive

  3. Engaging headline and introduction

  4. Short summary within post

  5. Meaty content, separated by sections, bullet points, and/or different heading sizes

  6. A pinnable, social media friendly graphic (if required by site)

  7. Applicable external links