Blogger Empty House Tour 2017 ● Katy, Texas

If you've been following me on Instagram Stories (I do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff so be sure to hop on over and follow me!) then you saw that my family and I moved! I asked you guys if you wanted to see a house tour and a lot of you said yes, so here it is. 

And if you're visiting my site then you've thought about starting a blog at least once before, right? Let me tell you right now that you need to start one now because it can lead to beautiful experiences! Let me explain...

I've worked on this blogging thing for a couple of years now and I can honestly tell you I made money through passive income every single day that we packed, moved, and were unpacking. 

...I made money through passive income every single day that we packed, moved, and were unpacking. 
You guys asked for a house tour and I'm happy to oblige! Making money online as a blogger means that I've been fortunate enough to have passive income the entire time we were moving...even though I didn't work a single day! Hallelujah! If you're interested in starting a blog so you can have the same experience in a couple of years, check out this blog post for my free blog resources.

I made affiliate commissions, earned ad revenue, and sold my own products, like blogging workbooks and courses.

This was not an overnight process for me (I've been running this little blog since March 2015) but can we just share a moment and shout, "WHAT THE HECK, THAT'S AWESOME!" *throws confetti* 

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Let's work on getting you one step closer to that passive income, mmmmkay? Enjoy the house tour!