What Makes a Good Blogging Business?

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s the internet lying to you about how “easy” it is to make money online. If you’re up for earning good money, it isn’t going to be easy or free, but hard work always pays.

So in today’s post I’m covering all the must-have elements in making a good blogging business so you can get a feel on how men and women today REALLY make money blogging.

Is Blogging a Real Job?

Ever had a skeptic come to you and say “Is running a blog a real job?" Well, I’ve had my personal share of those and other condescending comments over the past couple of years.

And to some point, yeah, they may be right. Because the truth is, my blog in itself is not the whole business. Anyone can get online and start a blog. But there are a good percentage of people who put in the time, energy and hard work to build that blog and turn it into a wonderful business.

How We REALLY Make Money Blogging

So what makes a blog an actual business? Let’s go over some of the elements that I think creates a blogging business!

And hey, if you find that you have other factors in mind apart from these be sure to share them in the comments below so we can all learn from each other.

1. A Niche that Provides Value

Successful blogs have niches that are very specific and provide value to the reader in some way, either by inspiring them or teaching them something new.

A successful blogging business is not a diary. Nobody but your mom wants to read your diary, and even then, she’s not going to pay you for it.

2. The Blog Itself is Only One Puzzle Piece of the Business

For example, you’ll notice that my blog AllisonLindstrom.com isn’t the only thing that I have in my business. I also have a YouTube channel, an e-mail list, I sell products, I collaborate with other bloggers, I host webinars...the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is that my blog is really just one player in my entire game plan.

3. There are Multiple Income Streams

What makes a good blogging business and how do men and women today REALLY make money blogging? I’m sharing all of my must-have business elements in today’s video because if there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s the internet lying to you about how “easy” it is to make money online. ● WHAT MAKES A GOOD BLOGGING BUSINESS? ● HOW WE REALLY MAKE MONEY BLOGGING

If the internet is giving you the impression that you can make money by simply creating a blog then I want you to take that idea, crumple it up, and throw it out the freaking window.

Sounds harsh, yes, but I’m not here to give you unrealistic expectations.

It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to score a $2,000 sponsored post or to have a $10,000 product launch. So how do you make money in the meantime, while you’re working hard to get to that level? 

The best way to do that is just to ensure that you have multiple income streams because it all adds up, regardless of how little each stream is. 

4. Have a Business Mindset

Let’s do a little exercise for a minute. It might sound crazy at first but just stay with me because it will make sense.

Just close your eyes and imagine that your blog is an actual store- a physical location that people are going to visit.

Now when your customers (i.e. readers) come in, they need to be inspired or you need to teach them something. Otherwise, they’re going to walk in there and say, “This place is kinda boring, see you later."

And if you were physically there to hear a customer say something like that, you would be horrified and likely depressed!

Having this mindset (that you are running an actual store that needs to offer something interesting and helpful to customers) pushes you to really deliver every single day and to look at your blog as a business.

With the Right Mindset, What’s the Next Focus?

With these factors in mind, I recommend focusing on three main things:

1. Finding and creating the time to actually put into the blogging business

This is the hardest but most necessary part! You need to create the time to focus on your business or nothing great is going to ever happen.

2. Finding the value in each and every piece of content

How can you consistently add value considering your readers' needs and challenges? How can you change your blog to help them solve those problems?

3. Being committed to investing in the resources or the team you need to make your blogging business run as smoothly as possible.

Target is not run by one person. The Mom and Pop store down the road is probably not run by just one person either. It takes a team to help it grow and blossom, and you need to have the same type of system to grow your blogging business as well.

It may seem a bit overwhelming to hire your own team but that’s not something you’re going to do from Day 1 so don't stress about it.

But once you find yourself at that threshold, the special point when you realize you need help to grow even more, you’ve got to be committed to finding a way to make that happen.

So that wraps it up! Again, there may be more than I could cover at this time, so please feel free to share your insights and ideas below.

Running a successful blog is a real business if you run it like a business and commit yourself to offering something valuable to your customers. A lot of people do it and you can do it too!