Why You Should Start a Blog Even Though Everyone Has One

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Should I start a blog?" But then a minute later felt discouraged when you thought of all the other blogs that already exist. Should you even start a blog in 2019 when everyone and their brother already has one? The simple answer is...YES!

Here are 10 main reasons why you should start a blog.

1. You want to share your passion
2. You need an online resume
3. You want to fine-tune your skills at a certain hobby
4. You could use some accountability
5. You want to find new clients
6. You want to grow your brand
7. You want to add another asset to your business
8. You want to be pushed to be a little braver
9. You want to connect with other like-minded individuals
10. You want to develop your professional skills

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Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you hanging with just a list. In a minute I'm going to elaborate on each reason so that you can see what you identify with. But, first I want to talk about blogs in case you are just starting out on this journey.

What is a blog?

When blogs first started they were thought of as a type of online journal or diary. Well, things have changed! Blogs are now a powerful marketing tool. Businesses use them to help bring attention to their website. And, people like me, build their entire business from their blog.

Blogs are different things to different people. To some, they are a way to show their credibility and prove they're an expert in a  certain industry. For others, blogs are a way to share their hobby with the world. And, still, others create blogs to educate the world on something that they feel passionate about.

So, you may be wondering, "what's the difference between a blog and a website?". A website is static. Businesses set up websites to share certain information and make it easy for their customers to find them. But, once the information is up on the site, for the most part, it doesn't change.

A blog is more like a newspaper. It's constantly being filled with new posts (or articles). You don't simply create it and leave it alone. You're constantly working to put out more content. It's fluid, always changing.

Take a look at allisonlindstrom.com. When you arrive at the URL you are on my website. My homepage is set and I have static pages that you can visit to find out about my products. However, I also have a blog. I am constantly creating new blog posts to share my knowledge and help my readers.

Why should you start a blog?

So, now that you know exactly what a blog is, are you wondering why you should start one? Starting a blog is a lot of work. There are a lot of unpaid hours that go into it and sometimes it feels like a thankless job. You'll start to wonder if it's actually worth the effort. I think it is!

What makes all the work worth it? Well, that depends on why you started your blog in the first place. Knowing your "why" is half the battle.

Here are 10 of the main reasons why you should start a blog.

1. You want to share your passion

If you are truly passionate about a certain thing and you'd love to share that passion with the world, you should start a blog. The most successful bloggers, the ones that are generating real income, are successful for two reasons:

  1. They teach people something

  2. They're passionate about what they are teaching

Their blogs aren't just online journals or diaries. People will invest in something when it's benefiting them. If you want to share your passion by teaching others about it, how to do it, and more, a blogging business is a great way to go.

2. You need an online resume

If you are interested in breaking into a certain industry, it's helpful to have an online resume. Maybe you'd love to start public speaking or build a Virtual Assistant business. You'll need an online resume to show that you know what you're doing.

There are many jobs and industries that you don't get started in by walking into a building and handing over a paper resume. For jobs like those, you need to have an online presence. Who is going to hire someone to handle an online project that can't show they have experience?

Personally, I absolutely require anyone that's going to work on my team to have some sort of online presence. Even if they don't post regularly, I want to see that my social media manager and writer have a website up and running. I feel like it helps establish their authority.

If you're trying to get started in freelance writing or working as a VA, a blog can go a long way. It shows potential clients that you know how to pull together a blog post and organize a website. Even if you don't do these things on a daily basis because you're focused on your clients, it still helps you show off your skills.

3. You want to fine-tune your skills at a certain hobby

I love blogging because it can document a journey. If you're trying to learn how to become the best knitter, you can write posts to show people what you learned and how they can do it.

When you have a blog on the topic it gives you one more reason to continue fine-tuning your skills. People love watching others learn and grow because it motivates them as well. And with a blog, you can pass on that knowledge.

4. You could use some accountability

A blog creates instant accountability. It's really nerve-wracking when you write those first blog posts. It's way different than sharing something on Facebook where only your friends and family will read it. The idea that total strangers are able to see that blog post really raises the bar.

Once your blog is live, you'll feel a responsibility to follow through on what you tell your readers you're going to do. If you want to get out of debt, lose weight, be better at budgeting, eat healthier, or whatever else, and you'd love an accountability partner, a blog is a great way to go.

5. You want to find new clients

Blogs are incredibly effective at attracting new customers for your products. If you sell workbooks, meal plans, excel sheets, printables, online courses, or anything else, you know how important it is to attract customers.

If you have an online store one of the best ways to attract customers is to have a blog. Write posts about the topic that your products cover. For example, if you have a product for meal planning then start writing blog posts about meal planning.

If you write about the topic that your products cover, you're halfway there. When someone finds your website to read your content, you know they're already interested in the topics that you're selling products for.

6. You want to grow your brand

Blogs work wonders when you want to grow your brand. There are plenty of people that have built entire brands on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. If you're at this stage and don't have a website or blog, I recommend giving it some thought.

If I follow someone on Instagram and they post on a topic that I'm really into, I'm going to check out their website. And, when you get people to your website you can connect directly with your audience. That way if there's an algorithm change on the social media platform and your organic reach drops significantly, you still have another way for people to find and interact with you.

7. You want to add another asset to your business

A blog is a powerful way to add an additional asset to your blogging business. Because of my background in business, I totally have that business mentality when I look at everything I'm doing on my blog.

Assets are a huge part of running a business. Maybe you already have a website that gets great traffic or a strong social media presence, a blog opens up new ways to make money. You can earn income from ad revenue, sponsorships, and affiliates.

Getting paid to write blog posts is a real thing! Many bloggers have been paid to write blog posts. And, there are many ad networks that make the process of monetizing your blog easy.

If you're interested in learning more about how to actually build a blogging business that can make money join my free email course below.

8. You want to be pushed to be a little braver

Blogs can help you in areas of personal growth by pushing you to be a little braver. It can be nerve-wracking to post online. As I mentioned earlier, it's not the same as posting on social media for your family and friends. With a blog, you open the doors to comments, both good and bad.

I've definitely had my share of negative feedback over the years. Sometimes it's constructive and sometimes it's just a troll. These comments have helped me to develop a thicker skin. I've learned how to manage negative feedback.

This has been beneficial not only in my blogging business but in my personal life as well. Not everyone in your life or business is going to agree with you and your way of doing things all the time. Navigating how to deal with negative comments can be a huge benefit.

9. You want to connect with other like-minded individuals

Do you have a topic that you're interested in but struggle to find others around you that share your interest? Start a blog! Seriously, you're likely to find like-minded people that are passionate about the same thing as you when you have a blog.

A blog is something that can be read by people around the world. So, your reach goes from those in your immediate area to people all over the world. And, you can also learn a lot from those individuals that you find.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, my goal for the content that I write is to help YOU. But I'm constantly learning new things from you as well! Blogging is not just a one-way street.

10. You want to develop your professional skills.

A blog will help you improve your professional skills like those in writing, graphic design, content creation, or photography. Maybe you want to start creating videos or really just want to be a writer, starting a blog can be a great tool for you. It's going to give you practice to fine tune the skills you need in order to make it happen.

When should I start a blog?

So, you're convinced that you should start a blog. Now you might be wondering when should you start your blog? In one word—NOW!

If you want to start a blog, there will never be a better time than right now. Building a successful blogging business takes time. That means the longer you wait to get started the longer it's going to take for you to get the results you're looking for.

If you want to start a blog, there will never be a better time than right now. Building a successful blogging business takes time. That means the longer you wait to get started the longer it’s going to take for you to get the results you’re looking for.

Now, you will need some money to get started building a blogging business. The exact amount that you need will completely depend on the choices you make.

For example, if you design your own website then it will cost less than paying a web designer. There are also ways to save money based on things like the hosting option you choose (this is the hosting company I use for my Wordpress websites) and what other features you decided to start off with.

So, you'll want to wait to get started until you have the money to actually purchase your hosting. But, the good news is you don't have to jump into everything at once!

Money shouldn’t really be an excuse for not starting a blog because you can write blog posts for free and save them in Google Drive until you have enough cash to purchase a domain and hosting. There’s always some prep work you can do before actually purchasing anything!

You can start simple and add on to your blog’s bells and whistles as you go. The important thing is that you take action to get started.

How do I start a blog?

Girl, this one is a loaded question! There are about a million different things that I could share with you here. Why do you think I have a blog, online course, YouTube channel, and membership site that's all about blogging? There's so much to know and learn when you are starting a blogging business!

Here are a few of the preliminary things you need to think about and do when starting a blog:

  • Decide on your why - Go back up to the 10 reasons to start a blog. What's driving you to want to venture out on this journey? What's your passion?

  • Decide on your topic - Think about what your blog is going to be about. What purpose is it serving? Remember, that the most successful blogging businesses are the ones that are helping people. If you need a little help in this area, check out my blog post Finding Your Blogging Niche. 

  • Decide on a name for your blog - This one probably isn't going to be as easy as it sounds. You can't just choose whatever name you want. You also have to make sure that no one else is already blogging under that name. Make sure you check to see what URLs are available as well.

The step-by-step to starting a blog

Once you have thought through these things it's time to get started on the actual step-by-step of setting up your blog. I'm not going to include all the details of how to do that in this post, but I have created a few other posts that cover this topic:

Ideas for your blog posts

Once your blog is set up the real fun begins—blogging! The funny thing is even when you are super passionate about your blog topic it can be difficult to come up with things to blog about. You can pretty much choose anything within your niche. And, since it's such a wide-open door it can actually be difficult to do.

Don't get me wrong, in the beginning, it'll be a breeze. But, after you get the first few blog posts up you might start to worry that you're going to run out of things to talk about. Don't worry, that happens to the best of us!

Your first blog posts

The first post can be scary because it's the first thing that's going live that the world will be able to see. Many bloggers jump in with an introductory blog post. Let the world know who you are, what you're going to talk about, and who your audience is.

Share a few things with your readers to let them know why they should care about what you have to say. Don't be afraid to share some personal details. You want people to be able to know you and connect with you. This is what will draw them back to your blog.

That information should be over on your About Page too, so it's easy for people to find at any time.

To get blog topic ideas flowing, there are some basic ideas you can use. I go into detail with each of these ideas in my blog post here.

6 Ideas for Your Blog Post Writing

  1. How to Do XYZ

  2. Series Blog Posts

  3. Review Blog Posts

  4. Best # Tips for XYZ

  5. Are You Making These XYZ Mistakes

  6. My Secrets for XYZ

Are you still stuck? Here are some additional ideas that you can use for blog posts ideas:

  • Share some surprising statistics

  • Talk about ways people can make money in your niche

  • Share a few hacks on how to do something easier

  • Write a detailed guide that you can continue to refer back to in future posts

  • Create a list of resources that you use and love

  • Look online and see what questions people have in your industry and create an FAQ style post

How do bloggers make money?

There are a few main ways that bloggers make money on their blogs. Many bloggers start with ad revenue. It's one of the easiest ways to monetize a blog because you don't need as large of an audience to get started.

After ad revenue, there's affiliate income and sponsorships. These are usually more beneficial when you have spent a little time growing your audience. That's when these companies are more likely to want to work with you.

The final way that bloggers make money is by creating and selling products or services. This could include printables, online courses, workbooks, or memberships. If you're interested in more information on how bloggers make money blogging, check out the following articles:

Ready to get started?

I just hit you with a TON of information about why you should be blogging along with a few tips to get you on the right path!

If you started a blog or are interested in starting a blog for a reason that I didn't mention, I'd love to hear about it. Leave it in the comments section under the video on my YouTube channel that goes along with this post, or even in the comments below.