Tips for Fall Decorating on a Budget

Lattes and scarves and boots, oh my! The fall season is finally upon us and so is the pressure to take our decorating game to the next level. But somewhere in between the excitement and our budget, we may feel a little overwhelmed. So I've pulled together these tips for fall decorating ideas on a budget. Enjoy!

Choose a Theme and Stick with It

The obvious overhead theme is Halloween or Thanksgiving. But thanks to the invention of Pinterest, a lot of us are now educated in the themes of country chic, rustic, classic, glamorous, and many more. Depending on what you already have on hand, you may feel pressured to go out and spend a lot of money. Don't do this to yourself.

Go through all of your current decorations and work around that. It may not look Pinterest perfect, but if it suits your family and budget then you're doing everything right.

Focus on One Area

There is no rule that says you need to decorate every room in the house, or even more than one room for that matter! For example, we decorate our front door/entry and living room only. That means we avoid spending money on holiday towels or extra knick knacks for the bedrooms.

Spread Items Out

In a lot of cases, less is more. If you feel like you need to "fill in the space" somewhere, step back and see if you can just spread out all of the items you currently have. You run the risk of looking cluttered if you go overboard on the decor.

Avoid Purchasing New Items

It is so tempting to pick up new decorations each year because the adorable holiday displays are almost too much to resist. But if I can leave Hobby Lobby without spending a dime then so can you!

For example, we have been using the same ornaments for the last 7 years. In fact, we're still showing off that Bart Simpson ornament from my husband's high school days.

Use Produce as Decor

What says Thanksgiving more than a pile of apples, oranges, or a pumpkin? I find the cheeriest, reddest apples at our grocery store and place them in my glass fruit bowl. Then I'll top them with either oranges, cinnamon sticks, or both.

Bring Nature Inside

Pine cones and branches are just some of nature's prettiest ornaments in the fall. You can have your kiddos gather as many pine cones as they can and fill them in $1 vases from the Dollar Tree. Just don't forget to check for bugs!

Head to the Dollar Store

You just can't beat a good Dollar Store deal like mini candles, candle holders, and mini fall signs. I also love to grab all of my decorative rocks, vases, and floral foam here as well.

Pull Out the Cozy Stuff

Nothing says fall more than thick, cozy blankets and pillows. You probably have a few of these around the house already. Move them to the areas you're focused on decorating (like the living room) so your family and guests have easy access.

There's a lot of temptation to turn your home into a miniature pumpkin house tour, but don't give into it. The investment in those items will only get you through the next couple of months. All of that expensive decor will just collect dust for the rest of the year.

You can have a beautifully decorated home on a budget and all ready for the fall season!

How do you save money on fall decor?