The Very Best in Blogging: 9/25/15

The blogging world is full of goodies that you really shouldn’t miss out on. This community is jam-packed with men and women who are dedicated to sharing their wealth of knowledge. Isn’t that great? I do a blogging roundup of the most inspiring or fun content every week because I want to share all that awesome with you. Here are the best posts I came across recently. Hope you enjoy!

  1. How Parents with Teen Drivers Can Save Money on Auto Insurance - An Insider's Guide  - WIA
  2. 21 Clever Passive Income Ideas - Loving Littles
  3. How and Why You Need to Earn Passive Income - My Debt Epiphany
  4. How We Live on $1,000 a Month - Mr. & Mrs. Adventure
  5. 4 Frugal Tips for First-Time Work at Home Moms - Frugal Fanatic
  6. Cost Analysis of Backyard Chickens - The Frugal Farmer

How do you earn passive income?