The Very Best in Blogging: 8/28/15

The blogging world is full of goodies that you really shouldn't miss out on. This community is jam-packed with men and women who are dedicated to sharing their wealth of knowledge. Isn't that great? I do a blogging roundup of the most inspiring or fun content every week because I want to share all that awesome with you. Here are the best posts I came across recently. Hope you enjoy!

  1. How to Make Money While Traveling - 7 Ways! - Making Sense of Cents
  2. Why I Want My Daughter to Have Less Than I Did Growing Up - Dad is Cheap
  3. The Financial Literacy Test You Need to Pass - Money
  4. "It's Your Own Fault You Own Expensive Stuff" - Budgets are Sexy
  5. My Total Money Failure (You don't want to miss this post by Jessi. She talks about how she paid her deductible before her baby was born and why she regrets it.) - The Budget Mama
  6. 7 Places to Get Vaccinated for Cheap or Free - Wise Bread

What is the best advice you have for handling your money?