The Very Best in Blogging: 11/06/2015

Looking for the best blogging posts? I do a roundup of the most inspiring content from around the web every week.

The blogging world is full of goodies that you really shouldn’t miss out on. This community is jam-packed with men and women who are dedicated to sharing their wealth of knowledge. Isn’t that great? I do a blogging roundup of the most inspiring or fun content every week because I want to share all that awesome with you. Here are the best posts I came across recently. Hope you enjoy!

  1. We Were Tired of Being Broke So We Paid Off $52K in 7 Months - The Debt Myth
  2. Cranberry Apple Coffee Cake - Real Food Real Deals
  3. Why We Need to Ask Dads About Their Work Life Balance - Sleeping Should Be Easy
  4. Slow Cooker Sausage and Lentil Soup - Growing Up Gabel
  5. 5 Ways to Care for Your Skin This Winter - The Latina Homemaker

What are your favorite fall recipes?