Sparkle Hustle Grow Unboxing w/ Coupon Code - December 2018

Looking for one of the best subscription boxes for female entrepreneurs? You just found it!

Sparkle Hustle grow is an online community and monthly subscription box for hustlers just like you and me. Each month, they send a box full of items that are picked out especially for bloggers, online influencers, and freelancer.

I’m a fan of these boxes as I’m sure you’ve already guessed after seeing this unboxing, and this one, and this one too.

Want to see the December 2018 box? Here you go!

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link and I was given the Sparkle Hustle Grow Box for free but rest assured I only give my honest opinions about these products. Read here for more info.

Coupon Code

Get $5 OFF your first Sparkle Hustle Grow box here with the coupon code LINDSTROM.

Sparkle Hustle Grow Unboxing

1: Online Training: Talk Trello to Me by Brittany Dixon. $97 value

I look at Trello as being an online software that can hold my thousands of sticky notes in one organized space.

Trello is pretty popular among bloggers and freelancers, and is used to organize your tasks, processes, team projects, and so on.

However, I don’t use Trello myself despite it’s popularity so I won’t get much use of this training. But I’m the odd man out here!

Many people use this software and if you’ve been thinking about trying it out then this product might be really beneficial to you!

2: Desk Easel by Bloom Planners. $18.95 value

How cute is this desk calendar? It’s made of high quality materials and contains 365 days of inspirational quotes and positive affirmations.

This product isn’t something I’d typically buy for myself so it’s a nice treat to find one in this month’s box. And it doesn’t list the year anywhere so you could definitely use it again and again if you really wanted to.

3: Business Card Holder by Stapes. $2.99 value

The value on this particular product is pretty low. I’ll be honest- I’m not a fan when Sparkle Hustle Grow includes products that are less than $5.

However, this business card holder by Staples is way better than some random pin or paper clips!

4: Geometric Pouch by Mollie Jacob. $26 value

This pouch is going to be great for storing all of the cords, SD cards, travel mouse (mice?), and other accessories that bloggers carry around.

For a job that operates 100% online, we sure do have a lot of gear that we need. This is especially true for all of you bloggers that DIY your site photography!

I thought the quality on this pouch was great and I’ll be using it to carry around my filming SD cards and camera batteries in particular.

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5: 2019 “Make Dreams Happen” Notepad. $7 value

Though the Sparkle Hustle Grow info card states that this is by Ashley Shelly Planners, the actual notebook itself says Mollie Jacob. Regardless of who created this product, it’s a wonderful addition to the box!

The paper is made of a nice heavy weight, making me think there’s no way even my cheapest of pens will bleed through. I also love the thickness of the pages because it means whatever I write in here will likely stand the test of time and chaos of Allison Lindstrom.

The only drawback about this product is that there aren’t a ton of pages so I wouldn’t use it for a large project or anything too comprehensive. It seems like the perfect size for keyword research findings or lists of blog post ideas.

6: The Magic of Tiny Business: You Don’t Have to Go Big to Make a Great Living by Sharon Rowe. $16.95 value

We all know I’m such a lover of books, and this will be a great addition to my home library! I was instantly sold on it when I saw that Seth Godin had a glowing review for this book.

Sharon Rowe, the founder of Eco-Bags, writes about prioritizing and patience for those of us who want to build a successful business but don’t want to become workaholics.

She maintains again and again that family always comes first, and this is so refreshing to see when so many entrepreneurial books simply skip over that part!

I’ll be honest- my work philosophy sometimes rubs people the wrong way. I put family above my work 1000% percent, and only leave enough room in my schedule for the business work I think is truly necessary to run my different ventures at my own ideal level.

You likely won’t see me at many blogging conferences or meet-ups.

Does this mean I’m a hermit or unsociable human being? Not really, I just organize my schedule this way so that I don’t miss any soccer practices, siblings’ birthdays, or other small but bonding moments in life.

On that note, did you like this month’s Sparkle Hustle Grow box? I loved it, and my favorite product is probably the desk calendar.

If you’re interested in signing up, don’t forget to use my link and coupon code at the top of this post so you can save $5.