Selling Products on Your Blog ● What Should I Sell? ● #MYBLOGMEANSBUSINESS SERIES DAY 2

If there's one place that I see a lot of women get stuck when building a blogging business, it's none other than SELLING. And, I totally get it. The idea of selling products on your blog just seems to irk some people.

I know you probably didn't get into blogging to sell products on your blog. But everywhere you turn people are telling you that you need to start selling digital products if you want to be profitable. You know why? It works. If you want to start monetizing your site, selling digital products is a really effective way to do it.

everywhere you turn people are telling you that you need to start selling digital products if you want to be profitable. You know why? It works.

Why you really need to sell

Before we dive into the types of digital products that you can start selling on your blog let's talk about why you should be selling in the first place.

You probably started your blog because you had information that you wanted to share. You enjoy writing and creating, but you aren't really interested in selling. I understand the frustration.

But if you want to be a professional blogger and run a professional blogging business where you consistently earn income, you need to think like a businesswoman.

The normal response to this information is, "Well, I can monetize my site with ads and affiliate marketing." You're right, you absolutely can, but it isn't the most effective way to monetize your site. I have personally found the same results that my peers and students are finding—selling your own products is the best way to boost your blogging income.

Your blog provides you with a platform to establish your authority and show your readers what you are capable of in your industry. Once you show them what an expert you are it's actually pretty easy to say something like "If you want to take [whatever it is] to the next level, then enroll in my course" or "buy my book to learn more about [topic]".

Remember, you aren't trying to sell your reader something they don't need. You are trying to sell them something that will be beneficial to them. You can actually help your reader while making money at the same time. As long as you deliver the value that you promise it's a win-win.

What should bloggers sell?

The options can seem almost endless when you start selling digital products on your blog. Professional bloggers are selling all kinds of things on their sites, but here are the most popular options. 

1. eBooks 

This is the most natural transition for bloggers because it's writing. Instead of writing a series of blog posts on a topic you can write an entire book. Each "post" becomes a chapter. This is an effective way to dive in a little deeper on a topic that your readers are interested in. 

2. Membership sites

Membership sites are becoming increasingly popular. It's a great way to build a group of like-minded people that are all after the same type of information. You simply determine what you are going to include in your membership site and then you continue to deliver that as promised on the schedule you created. 

In fact, my Business Blogging Club is a membership site. When you join my club you pay a small fee every month and in exchange, I give you access to a community of bloggers, in-depth lessons, and a roadmap to help you build your blogging business.

Membership sites are a great way to offer your readers something that is one step further than reading a simple blog post. 

3. Design goods

If you are a creative person, this is the option is for you! You can create digital products to sell.

If you enjoy designing logos, social media graphics, websites, or any other creative digital products, you should be selling them. Make it easy for people to hire you for custom projects on your site, or design general graphics that you can have ready to sell. 

Personally, I am more than willing to buy this type of digital product. I don't have the software or patience to do the work myself so I'm happy to pay someone else who is talented in the area. 

4. Photography

If you are a skilled photographer, you should be selling your images. Many bloggers don't like taking their own photographs to use on their site. This opens up an opportunity for you! 

If you are a talented photographer, you can monetize your site by selling your photography. You can offer custom prints, or you can simply sell stock photography. 

5. Online courses

If you have a talent or know something that you can teach other people, you can create and sell an online course. This is my #1 source of revenue in my blogging business. It feels good to help other women learn something new that benefits their life, while also growing my business and contributing to my family.

There are online courses available for just about everything that you can imagine online so don't be too quick to dismiss this idea. I've seen online courses on dog training, watercolor techniques, cupcake decorating, reading body language... you name it, I've seen it. 

6. Podcasts

While podcasts aren't something that you can really sell, they allow you the option to monetize. You can sell ad spots on your podcast and find sponsors. So you might not be selling your podcasts per se, but you will be selling the opportunity to sponsor or run an ad. 

Interested in finding out more about selling products on your blog? 

This is a BIG topic to cover in a short blog post. If you want to review my tips again, head on over to YouTube to watch my video on the subject and subscribe to my channel so you'll be notified when new videos are released.

If you want more thorough details about what it's like to actual sell as a blogger, my Blogging Business Club has a great lesson that goes further in depth. I cover how you can deliver electronic products (ebooks, courses, etc.), the financial investment you'll need to make to create a product, how you should price products, how much maintenance is involved, and what you need to think about for scalability.

If you are interested in all these details and are ready to get started selling digital products online, join the club today. You can start watching this lesson and many others as soon as you join!