Savor the Holidays: A Mini Course to Help You Enjoy the Holiday Season

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I'm one of those people. I pull out our Christmas tree before we carve the turkey on Thanksgiving. And my husband basically hides the Thanksgiving wreath because I will hang it up before Halloween if he doesn't. I LOVE THE HOLIDAY SEASON!

But as I've transitioned from my carefree college days and into my adulthood, I have found the holidays to become a bit stressful. There's the budget to worry about, the gatherings to attend, the presents to buy, the family traditions I don't want to forget, and all of the normal to-do lists to juggle as well. The fact that I'm so easily swept away in the season has really started to overwhelm me.

I want to turn things around and spend this year with mindfulness and purpose so my sanity doesn't get lost in that holiday madness. My good friend Christina from Embracing Simple has created a mini-course that can help people do just that.

Savor the Holidays Mini Course is the easiest 21-day course you will take!

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Reasons Why You Should Join Savor the Holidays

  1. "You are tired of the sheer exhaustion that the holidays can bring
  2. You want to get back to the basics and focus on what truly matters
  3. You have a list of obligations a mile long and want to learn how to prioritize
  4. The busyness of December makes you wish the holidays were over already
  5. You don’t want to be on auto-pilot anymore once Thanksgiving hits, just trying to get through the weeks leading up to Christmas
  6. You desire to have a rich holiday season filled with mindfulness and relaxation
  7. You want to be more intentional about how your time is spent during the holidays"

(from the Savor the Holidays Mini Course page)

What's Included in the Course:

  • The opportunity for you to invite a friend to participate in the course as well – for FREE!
  • Daily inspirational e-mails throughout the 21 days of the course
  • Each email will guide you through simple and quick steps on how to truly slow down and enjoy each aspect of the holiday season
  • PDF workbook with all 21 lessons so you can reference them again long after the course has ended

Cost and Dates:

Dates: The course runs from November 27-December 17.

Cost: $7.50 until November 16, then it will raise to $9.50.

Both prices include the opportunity to invite a friend to join the course for FREE!

This course is such a steal at under $10. I know I need a gentle reminder to spend my holidays more purposefully. What better way than by reading quick e-mails that contain easy steps I can follow? I hope you'll join me this year by slowing down and enjoying the holiday season!