Bloggers: How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done!

Hey guys! Today I want to talk about working in different spaces within your home when you’re trying to be a professional blogger and beat procrastination at the same time—not an easy thing when you have children running around! #WAHMLIFE

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The two productivity tips I’m going to share are part of a lesson from the Blogging Business Club, an online membership club I run where I post monthly lessons on blogging tips and strategies. And understanding how to be productive is definitely one of them!

It’s hard work, but absolutely necessary if you want to actually run a business at home, day-in and day-out.

Home is where we’re most comfortable but also where we’re the most distracted. It takes a conscious effort every single day to ensure that we are being as productive as we possibly can. So you need to be really efficient to get as much stuff done for your business as you can for the day—especially if you have the duties that come with being a stay-at-home mom or having a full-time job (or BOTH)!

Home is where we’re most comfortable but also where we’re the most distracted. It takes a conscious effort every single day to ensure that we are being as productive as we possibly can.

In the Blogging Business Club lesson, I talk about the different roles you have within the home for those of you trying to start your business as a professional blogger or grow your already existing blogging business. If you’re like me, you’ll have important duties like:

  • Taking care of your well-being
  • Organizing your home
  • Taking care of your baby/babies
  • Everything else you need to do to manage your business!

If you’re not balancing those three different roles, you’re going to have a hard time being a successful home-based blogger (if that’s where you’re primarily working). You have to have just a little bit of harmony in order to consistently work and be successful in your business.

Cleanliness brings happiness, and that’s not to say that you need to deep-clean your house every single day, but you’ve got to be at least somewhat organized. Otherwise, things are going to be really chaotic, and who wants a chaotic workspace when they’re trying to be a professional blogger?

Okay, guys—let’s dive in!

It’s Not Impossible to Get Work Done at Home

Have you ever felt constantly distracted because the laundry hasn’t been done, toys need to be cleaned up, and the general chaos of your home just makes you want to run into an office for privacy and peace and quiet—but you don’t have one?

I completely understand, and I’ve totally been there before.

The fact of the matter is, I started my blog back when my husband and I were living in a different place. I did not have an office, and it was a long while before I even had my own desk to use.

So instead, I did all my work in the living room—and it was so distracting!

I have my young son James at home with me, and while he does go to a school program, it’s only a couple days a week for a few hours. Eighty percent of the time, he’s at home with me. I definitely know how hard it is to work when you’ve got kids at home or if you have other distractions.

Not to mention, running off to Starbucks or a library is probably not an option for you, and if so—no worries! It isn’t for me, either. I mean, I’d have to take my kid with me, and I’m sure Starbucks would appreciate not having a 3-year-old boy in their store for a couple of hours!

Luckily, there are still some ways to be productive—here’s what I do.

TIP #1 – Keep Your Favorite Workspace Clean at All Times!

The first thing I try to do here at home is make sure that any designated space I typically have is kept very clean, regardless of how large the space is.

Our previous place actually did not have an office. My new home does, but ironically enough, I don’t actually use it to work most of the time! It sounds really ungrateful and wasteful…but the office actually also doubles as a work-out space. It’s got a treadmill and weights, and then on the other side of the room it’s got my desk and other office stuff, so it just feels like there isn’t a whole lot of space for me to really spread out, which is how I work best.

So when I want to get work done, I’m actually at my dining room table about 85 percent of the time, and it works just fine for me. But to make it work, there are a couple of things that I have to do.

The number one thing is that I have to keep the space clean. I am not folding clean laundry here, and I don’t have random, non-blogging related papers spread about. Everything is kept really clean so that I can work anytime I find even a little bit of peace and quiet.

If you wanted to put it in one sentence, I have run a full-time business from a tiny portion of my dining room table just fine.

If you wanted to put it in one sentence, I have run a full-time business from a tiny portion of my dining room table just fine.

And if I can do it with being distracted as constantly as I am—I feel like I have a very short attention span—you can do it, too.

TIP #2 – Take Advantage of Any Downtime You Can Find

The second tip I have for you ties in to keeping your workspace clean, and that is to always, always, always take advantage of impromptu downtime.

Keeping the dining room table clean as often as possible is vital in helping me to stop procrastinating my work. This is so that when I have an unexpected 20, 30 minutes to myself—it doesn’t even have to be a couple of hours—where I feel like my son is playing quietly, I can go ahead and write up blog posts, scripts, outlines, and other things. It’s all about taking advantage of the moment.

Procrastination.jpgHow to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done-- It’s almost February and you need to stop procrastinating and get work done! In today’s video I’m talking about one of the #1 excuses I hear people say when they can’t get any blogging work accomplished.

And since I already have my favorite workspace clean and ready to go, I’m not drawn to procrastination. Cleaning up doesn’t cut into the little bit of time that I have, and so I can go ahead and get work done.

I wouldn’t even say that these are the niftiest, most elaborate productivity hacks of the year. They’re basic things, but they work for me.

Sometimes I feel like we block ourselves when we say, “Dang it, I really want to run a business at home, but I don’t have an office, and I don’t have a desk that I can go sit at.”

But you can do it without that.

The Bottom Line

It’s all about keeping your area clean, wherever it is you want to work, and grabbing those free moments when you can. It could be the dining room table, it could be the couch, it could even be a couple of bar stools at your kitchen counter for all I care. As long as you’re keeping them clean and ready for you to go and work there any time of the day, you can definitely improve your productivity.

These are just two of my small productivity tips, but I encourage you to find the strategies that work best for you.

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Now take action, set up your workspace, and get to work!