Why a Pinterest Business Account is Necessary

I might be crazy but how does 30 days of blogging tips and mom hacks sound? I have a ton of awesome content about how to become a blogger while also being a stay at home mom or a working mother. It’s not easy but it’s totally possible. And it’s time for Day 22, where I share why it's necessary to have a Pinterest business account. 

Today we are going to dive into Pinterest. This is my #1 social media platform when it comes to traffic and conversion. So, I would be crazy to do a series on blogging tips and not share with you how to harness the power of this platform. If you aren't on Pinterest yet, it's time to set up a business account. Or, if you only have a personal account it's time to convert it to a business account.

If you are serious about growing your blogging business, and making some real cash, you need a business account. It doesn't cost you anything. And, it doesn't require you to have any special features or additions. It's just a process you go through to show Pinterest that you are pinning and saving pins for the benefit of you and others. And, it shows them you want to utilize their platform in order to do it.

The biggest draw of Pinterest for business

With all of the social media options out there, Pinterest remains an incredibly powerful platform. It allows you to reach thousands of new readers which could be potential customers at literally no cost. On other platforms, you need to get your audience to find and like or follow your page before they can see your posts in their feed. On Pinterest, you have additional options.

Speaking of other platforms, if you're a YouTube fan, check out my channel to get more blogging tips and mom hacks to help you grow your business.

Pinterest has group boards you can be a part of. As long as you have been invited to a board you can your content in front of whoever follows the group, even if they don't follow you. It's a way to collaborate with other bloggers to reach a large audience much faster than you would be able to do on your own.

Here are a few more reasons why you want a business account on Pinterest for blogging.

You need the analytics

Pinterest doesn't provide analytics on personal accounts. And, if you're really serious about growing your blogging business then you need to see the analytics. They show you what pins are working, what people like, and what's getting them to click through to your website.

Having those stats at your fingertips is powerful. It will dictate what content you should be creating in the future. It allows you to see what's not working so you can shift your effort from that and put it into what is working. You want to spend your time on the things that your audience loves and the analytics help you do that.

You might want to run ads

If you want to start running ads, you need a business account. Even if you aren't ready to start doing them right now if you think you might in the future it's worth making the change. I'll be honest, I've dabbled in Pinterest ads a little. It's not my first choice on social media platforms to run ads on. Personally, I've had better luck with Facebook ads. But, it's another reason to have a business account.

Pinterest business account example

I want you to be able to see an example firsthand of how Pinterest can work for a business. I love what Carnival Cruise lines is doing on their account. They've really impressed me with their ability to harness the power of Pinterest. They create and share beautiful pins.

But, what gets me the most is that the pins look like something that any one of us could create. They are really successful with their Pinterest efforts and they do it without being too flashy about it. That's what people are looking for. If you want to see for yourself you can check out the Carnival Cruise Line page here.

You have to think like a business

You are not running a hobby! If you want to grow a blogging business you need to start thinking like a business. You want your clients and customers to view you as a business. If you present yourself as a business it will help them to do this. And, it will help you to present yourself like a business if you are acting like one.

You need to be thinking ahead. Maybe you don't want to do Pinterest ads right now, but want to try them in the future. You need to find out what your clients like and give them more of that. The analytics that you get from Pinterest help you to do that.

The truth is, many people think of Pinterest as a type of search engine. I do it. For example, if I want to find a good recipe to make for dinner I go to Pinterest, not Google. I want the results that pop up to be pictures of delicious meals I might want to try. Google is a text-based search engine. If I want pictures, I go to Pinterest.

But, don't worry, you don't have to be a food blogger or cruise line to make it work. People go on Pinterest for all types of things, like for example blogging tips. That's why the platform is so successful. Any business of any size can harness the power of this platform. If you want help on knowing how to convert your personal page to a business page you can click here for the step-by-step directions from Pinterest