Find a Perspective Buddy as a Blogger

I might be crazy but how does 30 days of blogging tips and mom hacks sound? I have a ton of awesome content about how to become a blogger while also being a stay at home mom or working mother. It’s not easy but it’s totally possible. And it’s time for Day 14, where we talk about having a perspective buddy to help call you out when needed.

We touched a little over the past 13 days on how difficult it can be to keep a good balance when building a blogging business. You have a family that needs your attention and a never-ending to-do list of blogging tasks that are just waiting to be done. It's easy to get super focused on one or the other and lose track of what you should be doing. That's why you need a person in your life that can help you put things into perspective.

What is perspective?

A perspective buddy is different than an accountability buddy. An accountability buddy is someone that is going to make sure you are doing the things that you are need to be doing. A perspective buddy is going to make sure that you are keeping things in perspective. They are going to tell you when you are focusing so much on your blogging business that you are neglecting your family. They are going to call you out when you've been binge watching a season on Netflix instead of spending time on your blog. 

I like the definition that the Merriam Webster Dictionary gives for perspective, "the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance". Your perspective buddy is going to help you make wise decisions on how you are spending your time. When you get things out of perspective they are going to let you know to help you get back on track. They will help you keep your priorities in order as you work through growing your income and building your blogging business. 

What to look for in your perspective buddy system

Here's what most of us tend to do. We find someone that will be our cheerleader. They might agree with us on everything we say and be more of a "yes" person. You know the type, they make you "feel" good because they are always building you up. And, while that might make you feel good for a minute, it doesn't help you in the long run. You don't want someone who is going to sugarcoat things just, so they don't hurt your feelings. 

Instead, you want someone that isn't afraid to tell you the hard things that you need to hear in order to help you succeed. They will continually help you see different perspectives in your personal and business life. Your perspective buddy needs to be someone that is honest and will provide you with constructive criticism. They need to be able to say the things that most people wouldn't be brave enough to say but do it in a way that won't break you. 

For example, they need to be willing to say things like, "Why haven't you written a blog post in 3 months?" But, it's not just your blogging business they are going to be watching. They also need to say things like, "Hey, I know this business is important to you, but you need to take a day off and spend some time with your family." Or, things like, "When was your last date night?".  

Your buddy needs to be someone that is very goal oriented. They have the sense to notice when you are delaying on doing something. And, they will ask you questions to help you identify what's holding you back.

They need to be willing to challenge you

Not everyone makes a good perspective buddy. You want to think carefully before asking someone to take this role in your life and business. If your husband is too easy on you and won't be willing, or comfortable, calling you out then he's not the right person to ask. He might be working really hard to encourage you and not want to say anything that he feels isn't supportive for you. 

You need to find someone that will tell you the things you need to hear. This person needs to be 110% on a level field. They want to see you succeed in your blogging business, but not at the cost of your family. This person will also want to see you have a happy and fulfilled life with your family.  

Why a perspective buddy is so important

We need that person in our life that will keep us in check. I'm completely guilty at times of setting my mind on something that I'm working on that I lose perspective. I focus so hard on that one thing that I end up neglecting the other areas of my life. I just talked with you on the Allison Lindstrom YouTube channel about the importance of date night and nurturing the important relationships in your life. It can be hard to make sure you are doing that when focused on building a business. 

That's what your perspective buddy is for. They want to see you succeed in both life and business. They are going to provide you that outside perspective to let you know when things are out of line. Don't worry this person isn't just a sergeant to keep you in line. There is also a nicer side to them. They can hold your hand to help you step away from the computer, so you spend time with your family.  

Think hard before choosing this person. It's important that they are gentle, kind, trustworthy, and that they live their life to the fullest. This person should maintain good balance in their own life. They might not have the perfect recipe for life balance, but you can count on them to help you find a balance in your own life. This is what the perfect perspective buddy looks like.