How I Make Money Blogging Consistently

There is nothing quite like that feeling you get the first time you make money from your blog. You are ready to celebrate, and you should be!

Building a profitable blog is exciting, and when the first bit of money comes in it's such a relief feeling like all the hard work that you have been doing is about to pay off. But, it doesn't take long to realize that it's irregular income that is hard to predict and maintain. 

The income that I make from my blog isn't just fun money. It's serious money that has a specified purpose in our budget. 

It's one thing to have inconsistent income when it's all purely extra to spend however you want. But, when you count on your blogging income to really build the financial life that you desire, you need a plan.

...when you count on your blogging income to really build the financial life that you desire, you need a plan.

A lot of bloggers start making a profit on their blog through advertising and affiliate relationships. This is a great way to turn your blog profitable, but it's inconsistent income. You have little control over the income that you make from advertising and that can be super frustrating.

Why are ad revenue and affiliate income are so inconsistent?

Advertising companies have a set budget throughout the year. That means they are strategically deciding when to spend their money. For example, as the holidays approach advertisers spend a lot more of their budget because they know people are shopping. However, once December 26th rolls around their advertising spending take a huge dip.

What does this mean for your blog income? You are going to experience a revenue drop that's out of your control. You can't force the advertising companies to want to spend more money. So you may be getting the same number of page views once Christmas is over, and yet your income is dipping.

I found this to be 100% true when I was starting out building my blogging business. But, over the past couple of years, I've developed a strategy to overcome irregular income as a blogger.

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What your income might look like right now...

Your blog income is probably unpredictable, am I right? 

Here's an example: Let's say that you have a blog that provides resources for teachers. When teachers are working in the summer months planning their curriculum for the upcoming year, your site will probably be incredibly busy. You will have lots of pageviews and your affiliate income and ad income will most likely increase because of this.

But, what happens when the school year is in full swing and teachers aren't in the planning phase anymore? Your traffic and income are going to experience a dip. The demand just isn't consistent enough throughout the year to provide you with a consistent income.

Now, you could just budget accordingly to make your income last throughout the year, but who wants to do that? Isn't the purpose of your efforts to grow your blog?

What your income should look like...

If you are ready to start really making money blogging on a more consistent basis, here is the plan that I follow. I have found that I can keep a steadier stream of income when I have several different products to focus on. However, the trick is that I only focus on one at a time.

I like to have 3 different products or 2 products and 1 affiliate product that I can push. Then, I choose one product to focus on for the month. Lastly, I cycle through the products during the year, so every month has a different focus.

Here's an example of what this looks like for the Allison Lindstrom brand:

  • Product 1 is my Blogging to Win course - This course is only open to new enrollment four times a year. That means there are only four times a year when I can really advertise it.

  • Product 2 is the Blogging Business Club - This is an evergreen product meaning it's always open for enrollment and I can sell it at any time.

  • Product 3 is also evergreen - This would be something like my Blogging to Win Workbook. My readers can purchase it at any time, but I only focus on promoting it a few times a year.

Now, this is just an example of how I do it, but you can make it work for you. If you only have one product that you sell, then you can alternate that product with several affiliate products. Or if you have additional products you can include them in the cycle.

For example, I was part of the Ultimate Bundle's Genius Blogger's Toolkit with other entrepreneurs last fall. We all contributed to the bundle and then everyone worked on selling it. It was a partnership effort. This is a good example of a 4th product that I would incorporate into my calendar. 

Example of what the calendar year would look like

January - Product #1 (example of work list: post blog posts with great info, value, and a call to action for my product and/or a special discount) 
February - Product #2
March - Take a break from products and focus on affiliate partnerships
April - Product #3
May - Product #1
June - Take a break from products and focus on affiliate partnerships
July - Product #1
August - Product #2
September - Take a break from products and focus on affiliate partnerships
October - Product #1
November - Product #3
December – Take a break from products and focus on affiliate partnerships

Do you really want to repeat products?

You may be wondering if you really should focus on Product #1 and then focus on it again a few months later. The answer is—absolutely!

If you are working your business and growing your blog, you should have new readers joining you each month. That means the new readers that found you in March haven't heard what you talked about in January.  You should constantly be building your following, so you have a fresh group of people to teach about your offerings and products. 

When you take this approach you also give your existing readers something different on a regular basis. Can you imagine how they would feel if you only talked about one product over and over again for the whole year? What a snooze fest.

When you take the step of creating this type of calendar, you gain some more control over your income. In turn, this lets you overcome the irregular income that so many bloggers experience.

Do you want more information like this?

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