How I Increased My Pinterest Followers by Over 7,800 in 90 Days

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UPDATE: Sadly, BoardBooster shut down because they were unable achieve official partner status with Pinterest. If you’re looking for an alternative, I HIGHLY recommend the SmartLoop feature by Tailwind. This is what I now use to achieve similar results.

Has the recent Pinterest algorithm change got you stumped on how to increase your followers? I've been doing ONE thing consistently for the past 90 days and it has increased my followers by over 7,800. No, that's not a typo and here's the proof.

boardbooster follower growth stats

The algorithm change went into effect in February and, as you can see, my followers number has continued to increase rapidly.

This method is not magic and it's completely legit. I DO NOT nor will I ever "buy" followers so you won't find that advice in this post. I believe in building a genuine following of folks who actually want to connect with you and see what you have to pin.

So let's get on with it! How did I increase my following so quickly?

(This post contains affiliate links but I never recommend something unless I love it.)

I'm an advocate for maintaining a consistent presence on Pinterest because it's delivered great results for my traffic.

Even after the algorithm change, I still believe this. 

My disclaimer here is that this method is what has worked for me. None of us have the key to Pinterest's algorithm so please consider that I'm having to theorize what's going on here. My proof is in my numbers and results.

Step #1: Activate BoardBooster's Pin Sourcing

BoardBooster began offering a neat feature called Pin Sourcing. It searches the Pinterest platform for you and finds other users' pins you might like to share on your own specific boards or group boards. Essentially, it does the detective work for you and leaves you with more time to work on other things.

I start the process by clicking the Pin Scheduler link under the Pinning Tools tab. Then I choose the BoardBooster board I want to pin other users' pins to (such as my personal boards) and click the Add button under Pin Sourcing.

In this example, I'm Pin Sourcing pins for one of my personal boards.

boardbooster pin sourcing

Here in the settings you can choose someone else's specific board you want BoardBooster to monitor (called the Board Monitor) or you can have them search pins by keywords (called the Search Agent).

My personal experience has been that if you want to maintain the quality of your profile, you should use the Board Monitor and skip the Search Agent. Even if you enter a very specific keyword in the Search Agent, you really can't guarantee that the pins will be quality pins (vertical, content rich, etc.).

Step #2: Find other users' high-quality boards

I only like to use the Board Monitor so the rest of this post is based around those settings.

I search Pinterest for boards that would be a good match for the board I'm working on (ex. Money | Making Extra Money).

When I'm searching for boards I am incredibly picky! I want BoardBooster to use sources that I feel are as high-quality as my own profile. I'm not interested in gifs, horizontal pins, or outdated photos. I will search for an hour and only find a few boards that I trust enough to use. I find it's worth the time investment upfront and that it pays in the long run.

Step #3: Adjust the Board Monitor settings

Now I slightly adjust the settings to suit my needs. For protection against spam or offensive pins, I use the domain filter for certain urls.

I also like to skip pins that have less than 3 repins. This is just an additional step to try to find pins that readers might actually enjoy and are more likely to repin.

Lastly, you can decide if you want BoardBooster to automatically publish the pins they find or if you want them to put the pins in a secret board for you to manually approve.

The choice is yours but since I invest a lot of time upfront in finding only the best boards with the best high-quality pins, I have them approved automatically.

Here are what my settings look like.

boardbooster pin sourcing settings

Step #4: Pay the (small) bill

BoardBooster charges a penny to find a pin and a penny to pin it to your boards. But the cost of this service more than pays for itself with the time I save.

You have a million things to do when running your blog or business and, unfortunately, spending all day sharing quality information on Pinterest can be a huge time suck. I know this because I've done it. If I had a quarter for every hour I've spent on the site, I'd be rich.

By using this pin sourcing feature, I've been able to cut down on the time I spend browsing on Pinterest each day and focus on other business areas. It's been amazing!

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