6 Ideas for Your Blog Post Writing

I might be crazy but how does 30 days of blogging tips and mom hacks sound? I have a ton of awesome content about how to become a blogger while also being a stay at home mom or working mother. It’s not easy but it’s totally possible. And it’s time for Day 6, where I share 6 blog post themes that you can use to get working on your next blog post. 

Let's be honest, no one truly knows how to write blog posts when they first get started. We aren't born with the skill and it's not something we learned in school either. And blog posts are not really the same as other forms of writing like articles. An article is a bit more structured and you may even say "boring" when compared to a blog post.

Blog writing has a simpler, more conversational feel and tone to it. You are sharing information with someone, not reporting information to them.

Successful blogs are written in a way that they have a personal feel to them. This allows the reader to connect on a personal level with the content in the blog. Which sounds great in theory, but it can be hard to know how to write that way.

If you are just starting your blog or struggling to come up with post ideas, you aren't alone. This is a common obstacle that people face when thinking through how to become a blogger.

6 Blog Post Ideas to Get You Going

If you have been asking yourself questions like "What do I write about?", "What blog post ideas will my readers connect with?", or simply "Where do I start?" don't worry. I have you covered. I'm going to share 6 theme ideas that readers love. These are general ideas which will allow you to easily tailor them to your category or niche. You can just choose one to use on your first, or next, blog post and get started. 

1. "How to do XYZ"

"How To" blog posts are great because they make it easy for you to teach your readers something in your niche or category. You can choose something that you are really experienced in and then show them what they can do to duplicate your process.

For example, if you are a food blogger you could write a blog post on the topic of meal planning called "How to Meal Plan for Beginners.”.  The name will instantly connect with anyone that is interested in learning how to meal plan. 

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with blog post ideas for our readers because we are at a more advanced stage within our category. It's important to remember that you must provide content for those that are in the beginning stages too.

With our meal planning example, you may have advanced strategies that you use, but think about where you first started. What information would you want at that time when you didn't know anything about meal planning? 

2. Series blog posts

Writing a series is nice because you end up with multiple blog posts. So, let's go back to our meal planning example to see what this looks like. If you wanted to write a blog post showing a meal plan for an entire month, it could be a little excessive. People might not stick with you through the entire post. However, if you split it up into a separate post for each week, you’ll end up with four separate posts that are all linked under one series. 

When writing a series, you want to make sure you link to the other blog posts within the series somewhere in each separate post. That way your readers can easily find the rest of the series to continue reading. For an example of this, scroll back up and read the first paragraph of this post. 

3. Review blog posts"

Review blog posts are great because they are super beneficial to the reader. They can also give you the opportunity to include an affiliate link which can help you start making money in your blogging business.

To continue with the meal planning idea, let’s say you use an Instant Pot on a regular basis with your meal planning. You could write a review of the Instant Pot that you use personally. 

Most of us don't buy something online before finding reviews about it. If you utilize products at all within your blogging category or niche, then I highly recommend doing review posts of those products. 

4. "Best # Tips for XYZ"

“Best tips” blog posts are great because they allow your reader to get a lot of information quickly. They are also easy to write because you aren't writing a full post on each tip. You are simply sharing more of a quick snippet of the tip.

This blog idea is one of my favorites to recommend to my students that are struggling to come up with ideas for more in-depth blog post ideas. Writing helpful tips posts can help get you into the practice of simply writing posts. 

5. "Are You Making These XYZ Mistakes?"

Don't be afraid to be vulnerable on your blog. Readers actually love this because it's real and they can relate to it. So, share the mistakes that you have made.

For our meal planning example, share the mistakes you have made while meal planning. These are the things we usually don't want to share with other people, but it's also valuable information for our readers. It's always better to learn from someone else's mistakes.

This kind of blog post also helps to humanize your brand and shows your readers that you are genuine and authentic. Showing your raw side can be a good thing!

6. "My Secrets for XYZ"

Everyone loves secrets and to feel like they are getting some type of insider information. If you are a meal planning champ you should be sharing most of your secrets with everyone (notice that I said most because if you’re going to sell a product, that’s where all of your secrets should be!). Any time I see a blog post that is sharing "secrets" it makes me want to read it, especially if it's an area that I have been struggling in.

I recommend taking this blog post idea a step further by getting super specific in the title. Instead of saying something like "My Best Meal Planning Secrets" create something like "My Best Secrets for Meal Planning in Only 25 Minutes". It gives people something more concrete to latch on to. It's not just a random post, it's something that helps them accomplish something specific that they need.

The final key to blog post writing

Regardless of the blog post idea that you use, I just urge you to make sure you are helping your readers by the time they finish reading your last paragraph. Your goal is not to simply write a diary and share your story. It's to write content that will help someone or inspire them to accomplish XYZ. 

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