How to Make Money Blogging with Passive Income Sooner ● Blog on Auto Pilot ● #MyBlogMeansBusiness Series Day 5

There is one thing that tends to appeal to all bloggers that are trying to grow a blogging business—the idea of making passive income. I mean who wouldn't want to make money from their blog even though they are at the park playing with their kids? I know I like that option.

But, this is also one of the things that frustrate bloggers the most. It's not easy to figure out how to earn money online.

How do you stop exchanging hours for income? Listen up, because I'm about to break it down for you. I'm going to show you how I earn money from blogging and the systems that I used to get started.

How do you stop exchanging hours for income? Listen up, because I’m about to break it down for you.

Back in 2016, I was ready to see some things change in my blogging business! So during this time, I decided to go all in and busted my booty with hard work all year.

I worked to create systems and funnels so I could learn how to make money with passive income streams. I wanted to make money while blogging more efficiently and by putting as many things as I could on autopilot. This would allow me to have the flexibility in my schedule that I desired and still earn extra money from home.

The work I put in during 2016 allowed me to begin reaping the rewards in 2017.  If you want to hear me talk about my story check out my YouTube video and don't forget to subscribe to the channel!

When things are on autopilot you can see your blog make money whether you are actively working on it, spending time with the kids, running errands, or anything else. You can ultimately reach this point by setting up systems to work towards creating passive income streams. 

Here are my tips for getting started!

Start with the end in mind

This step seems small, but it's the most important in the entire process. If you skip this step, then you will struggle while working through the rest of them.

Instead of just trying to sit down for a brainstorming session you first need to get super focused about the result you are trying to create. What issue do you want to solve for people? Getting a clear answer for this will help you to create the right systems to grow your blogging business and start making the passive income you are looking for. 

For example, if you are a food blogger you need to know what your purpose is for your readers. If you can clearly identify that you are trying to help paleo-eating readers succeed at menu planning, then you have a clear direction that all of your content should work towards. When you don't have this direction, you may still put out helpful information, but you are not creating a funnel that your readers will work through. 

When you do have a funnel in place and your readers see that you are helping them learn to menu plan it's a natural step to make them aware of additional products or services you offer that will help them to go a step further. So, always begin with the end in mind. You'll see why it's such a benefit as we work through the following six tips. 

Tip #1 - Create a list of passive income ideas

Now that you are super focused on what you are trying to help your readers accomplish, you need to make a list of all your passive income ideas.

When I was going through this process I knew that I wanted to increase ad revenue and sell products. I worked to create content that could be recycled repeatedly that led my readers through my funnel and helped them see how they would benefit from what I had to offer, thus increasing my passive income. 

Along with your list of passive income ideas, create a list of blog posts, videos, products, and subscriber incentives you'll need to create to get your readers through your funnel and to the results they are after. Creating this content now will help you to put your system on autopilot in the future. 

Tip #2 - Plan to have a "setup" period of 6-12 months to create your passive income product ideas

Ok, so maybe you won't need a full 12 months to get your passive income system in place, but I did. During 2016 I worked hard to get my content and funnels in place for 2017. I was hustling to keep up with everything that I wanted to do and create, but I just knew that if I could keep going that I would find the success I was after. 

During this phase of creation, you may find that you are working 45 or 50 hours a week. But you can drastically reduce your hours in the future if you just see it through the entire process. You will eventually have the flexibility in your schedule to enjoy your time without feeling guilty that you aren't working.

Tip #3 - Expect Your Funnels & Automation to take some time before you see results

It took me an entire year to get my funnels and automation ready to go, so technically things should be in full swing by January of 2017, right? Eh not really. But eventually I saw the fruits of my labor!

In April of 2017, I moved to a new house and had a lot on my plate. I was busy with life and unable to blog, make videos, or create products. I actually took a few weeks off completely! And during that time I had one of my best revenue months. The systems and funnels that I had set up in 2016 had obviously started to pay off. So, it does take some time, but the rewards are well worth the effort!

Tip #4 - Re-evaluate (and don't quit!) when the money isn't coming in fast enough

In the past, I was so sick of not making money on my blog. I just wanted to throw in the towel. Can you relate? That is the moment where you make the decision to stick with it.

Take time to re-evaluate the strategies you have and look for ways to grow. This is the point where a lot of people quit here. And I totally understand the frustration. But if you keep with it and commit to the business, you will come out on the other side with a successful blogging business and the income to prove it. 

Tip #5 - Always remember that businesses don't become profitable overnight

Success does not happen overnight. Keep strategizing and reevaluating and eventually, you will get there. I worked the entire year of 2016 relentlessly because I knew that if I worked hard enough I would reap the benefits the following year.

Be patient and prepared to put in the hard work ahead of time!

Tip #6 - Schedule your posts, videos, and emails to help take off the stress of blogging and free up your schedule

This is where you put that list you created in Tip #1 to work for you. Create 30 different pieces of content that you use to offer an incentive to get people on your list. Once they are on your email list you can put them in a funnel. That funnel will eventually lead to your service or product. 

Once you have content created, begin scheduling it out for future dates. You can preschedule everything from social media posts to YouTube videos and blog posts. Scheduling in advance allows you to consistently post new content for your readers regardless of what you are doing at the moment. Your blogging business will begin to work on your hours instead of the other way around. 

Who wants to learn more about funnels?

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