How to Grow Your Email List Faster ● Content Upgrades ● #MyBlogMeansBusiness Series Day 4

Do you feel like everywhere you turn you are hearing about the importance of email list building? Many bloggers know that they need to have an email list, and may even try, but they can't seem to get subscribers.

If you are wondering about the best ways to grow your email list you aren't alone. Many bloggers are in the same place as you. Don't give up! But growing your email list is an important part of building a profitable blogging business, so it's important not to neglect it!

Why is an email list important? 

When you have an email list, you have a direct way to get your content in front of your reader. I've spent some time in this #MyBlogMeansBusiness Series teaching you about how to get more views on your blog posts and how to sell your products, but an email list is what brings these ideas together. You are able to share your content and your products directly with your customer. You won't have to wait for them to find you because you can go right to them!

Even if you have a large following on social media channels, you still need to grow your email list. In fact, you also really need to get your social media followers on your list.

Why? Because you own your email list. What if Mark Zuckerberg decided to shut down Facebook tomorrow? How would you find your followers? You wouldn't, unless they're on your email list.

You don't want to solely build your brand on something you don't own. But, you own your list and if someone signs up they acknowledge that they want to receive what you are offering. 

List building tips

So, are you wondering how to build your list faster? It's really quite simple. I have 4 list building tips to get you started. As always, there is a video on this same topic on my YouTube channel if you prefer to hear my tips there. Don't forget to subscribe so you can stay up-to-date with my latest blogging tips. 

Tip #1 - Create a content upgrade and include it in each post

If you are unfamiliar with a content upgrade, we also referred to it as a lead magnet, freebie, or opt-in. It may come with a lot of different names, but the idea is all the same. Content upgrades are pieces of content you create that you only provide your reader in exchange for their email address. 

It's completely free as long as they supply their email. Once they give you their email address and acknowledge they want to be added to your list, then you email them the content upgrade.

This is an effective way to grow your email list because you are providing them something of value in exchange for their email. You aren't simply saying, "Hey, sign up here for updates" (<--- Ugh, this is so 2005). Readers want to know what the benefit is for them before they sign up. When you offer them something valuable for free they know what to expect. 

Tip #2 - Promote your content upgrade on every page of your blog.

You need to splash your content upgrades all over your website. Many bloggers create a content upgrade and then share it once. The trick is that people need to see it over and over again before they decide to take the leap and join your email list.

If they have just found your site they might not be ready to commit yet. So, if you offer it on the homepage and in multiple blog posts, they have multiple chances to take advantage of your free offer. 

Now don't go overboard into being obnoxious about it. Make sure it makes sense where you're placing it, but don't be afraid to share it. Which leads up to my Tip #3... 

Tip #3 - Ensure your content upgrade is the same category as your blog post

If your content upgrade is a make-up tutorial and your blog post is about potty training your child, it doesn't make any sense to connect the two. I know that's an extreme example, but it's important that whatever you're offering is in the same category as where you are advertising it. Your readers should be able to easily connect the dots between your content and the content upgrade.  

Tip #4 - Promote your content upgrades on every platform outside of your blog

Remember- you don't have to be on your blog to grow your email list. I talked about splashing your content upgrade around your blog, but don't forget to take advantage of social media as well.

If you are on Instagram, share a link on your profile or within a post. Drop a link in the description box on your YouTube Channel. Over on Pinterest, you can include it in your bio. Look for all the places to put your upgrade that people will see it. 

The more sites you put it on, the more you increase your chance of getting people to sign up. If you want to grow your blogging business, you need to do everything you can to get people on your list. 

Learn from my mistakes

When I started trying to grow my email list I made a huge mistake. I kept hearing how important it was to use content upgrades to grow my email list, so I just created a bunch. I learned that you want to ensure that what you create is the best fit for your business for the long-term. Your content upgrades should work seamlessly with the rest of your business plan. 

Let me give you a piece of advice—learn from my mistakes. I spent plenty of time through trial and error discovering the best way to grow my email list and creating content upgrades that would benefit my email marketing efforts. In the Business Blogging Club, I created a lesson that includes 3 handouts for you to download that walk you right through the process. I show you how to fill them out, give you my own examples, and then teach you how to do it on your own. 

Don't allow the idea of building your email list overwhelm you from getting started. Spend some time creating a content upgrade. Then, share your content upgrade everywhere that it makes sense. Before you know it, your list will be growing!