How My Target Shopping Ban is Saving Us $150/Month

My name is Allison and I am addicted to shopping at Target. Tell me I'm not alone here! Please leave a comment saying that yes, you too, cannot leave the store without buying at least one item and it will make me feel so much better. I was recently inspired by my friend Kayla (shoutout to a fellow Kansan!) who is going on her second Shopping Ban. Kayla is a rockstar because she's banning actual categories like books and magazines, not just shopping at Target. But I need to start with baby steps so...

I am banning myself from shopping at any Target location for the entire month of August.

Let me be very clear in saying that there's nothing wrong with Target. In fact, the store is really wonderful and that's my problem. It's too enticing and I am too weak.

How Much We Spend at Target

In the last 365 days we've spent an average of $150/month at Target. This includes a fair mix of home decor, groceries, office supplies, clothing for my husband/son/myself, sporting goods, kitchenware, electronics, and books. I don't buy any of these categories exclusively at Target, but I certainly shop there more than my bank account would like me to.

Why I'm Banning Target from My Wallet

Each time I visit, I am so confident I won't buy anything that isn't on my list. I give myself a little pep talk about how strong I am and how I have explicit control over my money.

And then something shiny catches my eye, like a gold stapler or coffee mug that says "I love you a latte!" And the Dollar Spot section is the worst (best?)! Panic takes over and I find myself saying, "It's all so cheap. Get one of everything!"

I need to take a break from Target because I rarely purchase items I actually need.

Ban Rules

  1. I cannot purchase anything in-store OR online 
  2. Ban is August 1-31
  3. Absolutely no "I couldn't find it anywhere else so I had to go to Target" purchases. If I can't find an item at another store, I have to live without it

What I'm NOT Allowed to Buy

  • Clothing (jeans, pajamas, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Accessories (scarves, jewelry, etc.)
  • Clothing or Baby Gear for my son
  • Candles
  • Home Decor of ANY kind (*sob*)
  • Shoes
  • Purses
  • Kitchen or Dining Supplies
  • Office Supplies
  • Groceries (I've only purchased specialty foods or junk so this won't be a problem.)
  • Books, Magazines, etc.
  • Beauty Supplies
  • Candles
  • Electronics or Device Accessories
  • Sporting Goods

What I'm Allowed to Buy

  • Nothing. Zilch. Nada.

I can see my husband smiling and throwing up his hands in thanks to God as I say this. But I still have access to Wal-Mart and it's extensive selection of paper goods, groceries, and miscellaneous. I'm sure I'll find exactly what I need, even if it doesn't have that Target flair I love so much.

We've really been making wiser financial decisions ever since we moved to Houston and Target has been the one "addiction" I just couldn't move past. Some women love to go to the mall. I love to go to Target.

By eliminating this particular store from my budget, I am essentially eliminating my spending of "Allison's fun money." This is the only place I go to pick up a little something for myself. I'm literally drawing a blank as to where else I'd want to shop and that's a good thing!

Going on a Target Ban is simultaneously difficult and easy for me. It's difficult because I love Target and easy because my wallet hates Target.

Note: Hubby is not forced to go on this ban with me. If he enters Target I will watch him with jealousy and depression in my eyes, but I will NOT follow him in the store. I will avoid the temptation entirely!

Have you ever gone on a shopping ban before? What helped you get through it without going crazy?