How Many Posts Should You Have Before Promoting Your Blog?

I cringe when one of my students say they’re waiting to invite visitors to their site because it’s “not ready.” Look, I get it- you want things to be perfect. And you’re not sure you have enough posts available. I tend to swim against the crowd when it comes to advice on this topic so get ready for a fresh spin.

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The number one reason my readers hold back from promoting their blog is because they’re waiting till they have “enough” posts. How many should that be? How do you know when you’re “ready?”

Quit focusing on a magic number because it doesn’t really exist.
It's the question most people ask when they're starting a blog. "How many blog posts should I have before I can start promoting?" I'm sharing my answer today!

Quit focusing on a magic number because it doesn’t really exist. As a general rule, I recommend having at least 10 blog posts but that’s because I don’t know your specific situation. I have to provide *some kind* of number or my readers just go crazy. But I want you to look at this situation differently today. 

Instead, think of what your business goals are. How are you helping people? What is your long-term plan for growing your blog? What kind of products or services are you hoping to offer? 

You can start promoting your blog when you have a subscriber incentive and blog posts to support it. Perhaps you want to teach people how to crochet but first they need to know the basics. Create a subscriber incentive and write blog posts that help them accomplish the first step.

This could mean you have one incentive and ten blog posts. Are you ready to start helping people? Will they be ready with those ten blog posts? If the answer is yes, then quit holding back and start promoting.