Habits of Happy Families

What are some of the habits of happy families? Disconnecting from electronics and sharing meals together are just a few ideas to start with.

What are some of the habits of happy families? Feel like maybe your family could be happier? A stressful schedule of school, work, and daily life is the norm. How can we make sure our household stays upbeat and positive in the chaos?

I'm guest post at My Love for Words and listing some of the best characteristics you find in a happy family. I talk about the importance to:

  • Disconnect from electronics
  • Sharing a meal together
  • Perform traditions together
  • Show our thanks to other family members

Whether you're eating healthy together or doing family crafts, the keyword here is that you're spending time together.

Does your family already have these healthy habits? What other habits would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!