Finding Blog Friends - Starting a Successful Blog Takes a Village

Having a blogging business is amazing! Right? You get to share information about something you are passionate about, help others, work from just about anywhere, and have control over your schedule. But, there is one small drawback that many bloggers experience—it can be lonely.

One is the loneliest number...

I mean, you communicate with lots of people. But, finding those blog friends that you can really connect with is not as easy. You’re looking for other women that understand the challenges of blogging, that you can talk strategy with, bounce ideas off of, or just vent on those rough days, right?

If you used to work in a "traditional" job this can be a big adjustment when you start working from home. You are used to having others to network with, ask advice from, or even just chat with from time to time. It's easy when you are building a blogging business to just get so wrapped up in the tasks that need to be done that you forget about needing to connect with others. But, connecting with others in the blogging world is good for many reasons!

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Bloggers get bloggers

Have you ever wanted to share something really cool or really frustrating that happened on your blog but didn't have any friends that would truly "get it?” Maybe you wanted to celebrate a success, but your non-blogger friends didn't understand why it was so amazing that you had a 75% open rate on your last newsletter. Or, they just couldn't understand why you are so frustrated that your Facebook reach dropped unexpectedly. And, they may even look at you like you’re speaking a foreign language at times.

Maybe you wanted to celebrate a success, but your non-blogger friends didn’t understand why it was so amazing that you had a 75% open rate on your last newsletter.

Non-bloggers don't always understand the blogging world. That's why we need blogging friends. They get what we are celebrating and can empathize with us when we have a setback. When you have a blogger friend, you have someone that "gets" it.

Opportunities to grow together

When you collaborate with bloggers, you are working together with someone else to do something that will help you both.

For example, if you have an online course and connect with another blogger that has a course that complements your own (without competing with it!), you may want to package them together to sell. By doing this, you’ll get your product in front of a larger audience and return the favor for the other blogger. It's a win-win.

You can bounce ideas off each other

If you have ever tried to ask for advice about your blog from someone that doesn't have a blog, you get why this is so important. There are a LOT of questions that come up when you are growing a blogging business.

When you have a blogging friend you have someone that you can ask for advice. They will be able to give an opinion or offer suggestions from their own experience. They may be strong in an area that you aren't as strong in.

The key to finding other bloggers

Finding other bloggers to connect with is not always easy. A lot of bloggers start out by trying to reach out to the bloggers that they have been following. The problem with this is that many bloggers with large blogs just aren't able to respond to all of their emails anymore.

I used to be able to reply to every email that I got. But, since my business has continued to grow this has become increasingly difficult. I have experienced the same thing when reaching out to other bloggers myself. Sometimes, it's just not possible to get to all those emails. So, how do you find a blogger to connect with?

Join a group

Blogging groups are great ways to connect with other bloggers. Kristen and I actually connected through a group that we were both a part of. When interacting with each other we both noticed that we had some similarities, like our crazy work ethics, and it helped us form a friendship.

Since then we have started our own Facebook Group for bloggers called Bright Bloggers + Business to provide other women with the same opportunity. It's totally free to join. The doors of the group are open to any blogger that is looking to connect with others. The group currently has over 2,400 members in it, and it's a great place to get your questions answered, connect with other bloggers, and share your wins.

Things to remember when networking with bloggers

Please, please make sure that you are looking to give as much as receive when you network with other bloggers. No one likes to interact with someone that always has their own best interest in mind. This is true in life as well as in blogging.

If you want to really connect with other bloggers, look for ways to help them. If you are part of a group like the Bright Bloggers + Business group, make sure you are engaging in the group. Don't be someone that just shows up to ask your own questions and then disappears when you get the answer. Make sure you spend time reading through posts by other people, answer their questions, and weigh in with your opinion when someone is asking for it.

The more you are involved in the groups you are a part of, the more you will start to notice which bloggers you connect well with. Reach out to them to connect one-on-one once you have a good idea. It can feel a little intimidating, but it can be a great move for both your blog and your life as a blogger.

Finding blog friends can be a breath of fresh air into your work and lifestyle as a blogger. The fastest way to get started is to head over to Facebook and request to join the Bright Bloggers + Business group today. You'll have more than 2,400 bloggers waiting to connect. I hope to see you in the group!