Find Your Blogging Niche ● Starting a Blog Tip

In honor of all of our new Blogging to Win students joining the course this season, I'm doing a 6-day video series with a quick blogging tip each day! So, from November 16-21, 2017 (while we'll be accepting new students) I will be coming out with just a short video to give you a fun blogging or business tip. 

How to Find a Niche for Your Blog 

HACK! FIND YOUR BLOGGING NICHE ● STARTING A BLOG TIP-- Looking for a hack to find your blogging niche? There are so many things to do when you’re starting a blog that choosing the perfect blog topic shouldn’t be overwhelming. Here’s my secret for getting the ball rolling if you’re feeling stuck!

Finding a blog niche is one of the things that a lot of my students get overwhelmed with. They know they have to choose the perfect niche. They want to choose the perfect niche. They just have a really hard time doing it! So I have a nifty tip for you...

My tip is to not choose your niche before you start writing but to choose it afterward. I find that it's a lot easier to identify whether or not you will want to stay in a particular category for the long run when you're in the process of writing about it.

And when you're thinking of whether or not it's something you can write about for the long-term, don't just think a year in the future. Instead, think five or ten years the future. You never know where the blogging journey is going to take you!

Here's my process for getting started...

Make a list of the categories you are interested in and then actually start writing about them. I know it might seem counterproductive at first because you'll feel like you're wasting time writing blog posts about categories you'll eventually drop in the future. 

But here's the logic behind my madness: Once you actually go through the process of writing about a particular category, you can more easily identify whether or not it's something you want to do for the long term. So if you feel stuck and you just.can't.decide which niche you should choose, just start writing! Trust me, it helps. 

And don't be overwhelmed with finding the perfect niche, friend. Just get in the process of writing and the decision will naturally come to you after that.