DIY Family Handprints

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This kind of cheap family craft is right up my alley because its easy and can be hung in a place where everyone can enjoy it. I love the idea of being able to see his tiny handprint years from now when he's big enough to carry ME around.

We are sentimental fools when it comes to our son. We show his art work around the house like he's the next Leonardo da Vinci. We keep the tickets from his first sports games.  And we especially ooh and aah over everything he does, even if it's kind of silly, "Look at those toes! The way he bends them is so cute!"

As you can see, he put up a fight with his handprint but it was so worth it. You will love having one of your own in your living room! And if you're looking for more great activities, be sure to check out this awesome list of things to do if you're on a Spending Freeze.

Here are the materials you need.

Step 1

Paint the darkest color using the foam brush on Dad's hand. Be sure to put on a thick layer and reach all of the crevices and lines. This will help give you a defined handprint.

We used Craft Smart's acrylic paint in Denim. Let it dry for about 10 minutes and rinse your foam brush in the meantime. Squeeze out excess water with a paper towel.

Step 2

Repeat Step 1 for Mom and baby. We used Craft Smart's acrylic paints again, this time in Lavender and Robin Egg's Blue.

Be prepared with your little one by laying out an old sheet or taking the project outside. By the time we were finished we had paint all over our clothes because he was really squirmy!

Step 3

Hang the family art in your favorite place and get teary every time you realize how fast your baby is growing!

I look at our handprints every single day and am amazed at how fast my son is growing. I really regret waiting until he was almost 7 months old to do the project. Do your own painting sooner rather than later so you can enjoy an especially small handprint!

What is your favorite DIY family project?