Cheap Ways to Get in Shape

Here are some of the best cheap ways to get in shape. There is always a creative way to save money and exercise at the same time.

When did staying healthy and maintaining a strong body become so expensive? I love working out but sometimes gym memberships are pricey. The facilities in my area start at $30/month and that doesn't even include daycare. That's $360/year for just a few hours a week! No, thank you. Sometimes our bank account size just doesn't match our enthusiasm for getting fit. But I haven't let that stop me this year! I've been searching for cheap ways to get in shape so I can save money and look good in my summer bathing suit.

While diet is extremely important to staying fit and healthy, I've only included workout options in this post. If you're interested in Whole30 ideas, you can check out all of my posts (including MEAL PLANS!) here.

1. YouTube Channels 

Erin Motz (aka Bad Yogi) from will win you over with her simple tutorials and adorable personality. She makes yoga fun and free!

Another favorite of mine is Yoga with Adriene, which is based right here in Texas. Adrienne has an awesome 30 Days of Yoga series.

BeFit is also a great channel if you're looking for strength training and cardio. And if you pick any of the awesome workouts with Jillian Michaels you are definitely going to get your butt kicked!


2. Local Parks and Trails 

Local parks and nature trails are exercise treasures that shouldn't be forgotten! They are free and incredibly refreshing to the user, regardless of whether you live in the country or the city.

Too many of us work on computers for most of the day. Getting outside provides a nice change in scenery and can give us a health boost too.

I used our local park ever day after the birth of our son to walk/slow-jog until my body went back to feeling strong and energized. It was initially hard to put in the effort but the fresh air made my recovery time much shorter. Getting out of the house made such a difference in my energy levels as a new mom!


3. Exercise DVD's

You don't have to spend a lot of money to find the best exercise DVD's. Check with your local library's media collection so you can try out a workout to see if you like it.

I personally used the Billy Blanks: Ultimate Bootcamp to get in shape for my wedding and loved it. I also use Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred DVD. I'll admit that I felt really sore when I started it but the end results were well worth the pain.

{FREE/ Currently $8-14 on Amazon} 

4. Fitness Apps

Let's be honest here. We take our phones everywhere! Having a workout easily accessible can help remind us to break a sweat every week.

MapMyRun is my favorite running app. And it's free! I've tried many others but it has the only built-in GPS that can keep up with the off-trail paths I like to take.

If you're looking for something with strength training I highly recommend the 30 Day Challenge app. The workouts are based off of whatever target area you'd like to work on. Start with the Squat Challenge and you can thank me later.


You don't have to spend the money on an expensive gym membership just to stay in shape. I personally can't justify the cost when I have other, more affordable options at my fingertips. There is always a cheaper alternative to keep your bank account and your buns looking good at the same time!

How do you stay in shape on a budget?