Building an Email Subscriber List: Course + Workbook for the Champion Blogger

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Have you ever created a blog or website and just couldn't get people to sign up for your email list? It's frustrating and a little embarrassing. You might be wondering, "Is it really important to build this email list or are all my efforts just a waste of time?"

I started my little list with just a handful of subscribers, including my mom and husband. It wasn't looking good. But then I identified why it was really important to keep trying, created a game plan, and even put some subscriber myths to the test. 

In one year, I went from less than 100 subscribers to 4,000!

If you want to squash some of the myths about subscriber lists and find out why people just aren't signing up on your blog, then I've created a course just for you! 

Subscribers by Sunday is a free 6-day course on building your email list. I'll give you a free game plan workbook and even touch on some painful topics, like why people aren't joining your list or sticking around once they've signed up. 

Here's an exclusive excerpt from Day 5: 6 Reasons Why Your Email List Failed Last Year.

Reason #1. You were too shy to ask people to join

There's no shame in asking people to join your email list! Just imagine that you're throwing an awesome party. Would you invite one person then just leave the rest to chance? No! You'd invite more people and share your excitement for them to join.

Invite your friends, family, previous clients, and social media lists to subscribe to your website or blog. Let them know what you'll be offering in your newsletters and why it will benefit them. Make it worth their time! 

I know your schedule is jam-packed. Girl, I'm busy too! So I made this course with our chaotic lives in mind. If there's a tactic or strategy that's worked really well for me, I'll be sure to tell you all about it so you can try it too. No unnecessary fluff is thrown in here so you don't feel like you're wasting your time. 

I created this course for all you infopreneurs, bloggers, course creators, freelancers, and all-around hustlers in mind. Oh, and did I mention that I personally respond to every single email from my students? You will always receive an answer to your questions!

Want a sneak peak at the free workbook you get if you sign up? Check it out below!