BoardBooster Review // Using a Pinterest Scheduler in Your Social Media Strategy       


If you’ve been a blogger for even just one hot minute then you probably already heard that you’ve got to be pinning consistently and you’ve got to be pinning A LOT in order to get really good results from Pinterest.

If you’ve tried to do this by hand and pin live then you already know how time consuming this task can be. You could be spending that precious time on more productive tasks for building your blog, like creating content, engaging with your readers/viewers, etc.

This is where social tools like BoardBooster come in handy. So I’ve put together this review to give you an insight about what you can expect from it if you use it for the Pinterest side of your business.

What is BoardBooster?

Personally, I’ve been marketing on Pinterest for my blogging business from Day 1 and it’s had a significant impact on my blog!

BoardBooster schedules your pins so that you don’t have to be live pinning your blog posts on Pinterest all day long. 

Though the act of scheduling pins itself can also be time-consuming, it still isn’t as bad as pinning live. It used to take me about 3 to 4 hours/week to schedule my pins, depending on how many posts I’d written in the past couple of weeks. But then I figured out a hack around it! Nowadays, I only  spend about an hour or two A MONTH scheduling my pins.

So if you’re interested in learning about this secret hack of mine, I’ve got an exclusive tutorial in the Blogging Business Club, which is my membership club for bloggers. 

Meanwhile, if at the end of this Boardbooster review, you’re interested in joining or would like see what it can do, you can use this this special link they gave me to get your first 100 pins for FREE!

The BoardBooster Review

It’s always good to start things on a high note, so I’ve listed all the Pros first. 

What I love about it:


This is the first thing that I love about BoardBooster because, at the time this post goes live, they only charge you a penny per pin. So if you’re looking to schedule 30 pins in one day, it’s only going to cost you 30 cents. And I think that’s pretty freaking good deal for a Pinterest scheduler!

Now technically this can add up if you’re pinning 100’s of pins every single day. But also consider that if you’re at that level where you’re able to pin that much, then you probably also have affiliate income or ad revenue that you’re working on to cover that cost of BoardBooster every day.


Now this feature is one of the very reasons why I’d always recommend using this BoardBooster and will likely always keep it within my blogging business.

Looking for a Pinterest scheduler that you can count on? Today I’m sharing my full BoardBooster review! If you want consistent results with traffic, it can help to use social tools to schedule your Pinterest posts. I’ve been marketing on Pinterest for my business from Day 1 and it’s had a significant impact on my blog! ● BOARDBOOSTER REVIEW ●  USING A PINTEREST SCHEDULER IN YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY

With other scheduling platforms, you'll typically schedule your pins into some sort of queue. But once that queue is empty and all your scheduled pins have successfully been pinned, you’ll have to go back and schedule more. It’s the very reason why scheduling pins can be time consuming and why I used to spend those hours every single week to scheduling all of my blog post pins to go live.

But BoardBooster has a looping feature.

So last year I posted a ton of blog posts (honestly, I don't even remember the exact number because #mombrain). I scheduled those blog post pins on BoardBooster and I literally have not gone back to schedule them again because Booster has been looping them over and over again!

If you configure the settings properly, they will save all the pins that you put in their scheduler, and then will just pin them again and again and again until you tell them to stop. HUGE TIME SAVER!


You don’t have to worry about getting super technical because BoardBooster isn't overly confusing and they’re really great about answering any questions that you may have.

Honestly, if you know how to use a computer and understand the logistics of Pinterest marketing and how to work it out, you can just hop in there and it will all make sense. 


I love how BoardBooster allows you to schedule your pins and will pin them based on a weekday schedule or weekend schedule.

So if there's a group board that you’d like to pin to and you notice that traffic isn’t as high on Monday-Friday, then you have the ability to lighten up on the pins on the weekdays and ramp up the pins during the weekend.

I definitely love that you can customize pin schedules to when it makes sense to pin more, especially because this can save you money. #dollarbillsy'all


BoardBooster will pin to any board for you, regardless if it’s private, public, or group boards. You can literally pin to any board that you are a part of so you don’t have to miss out or exclude any particular type. It’s definitely a wonderful option to have on a Pinterest scheduler!


I love how BoardBooster provides extensive reports. It can give you analytics and insights on performance, like how often you’re seeing repins in a certain group board.

Having these reports allows you to gauge whether or not particular group boards are doing well. Maybe an audience just isn't interested in your pins or the board itself just isn't popular enough. It will basically tell you whether or not your efforts in marketing on Pinterest are working.

And since you can see that you aren't getting good results on a certain board, you can make the decision to unschedule it so you don't have to pay for something that's just not working.

What I don't love about it:          

I don’t really hate anything about BoardBooster, though there are some wonky things that I’m not a fan of. And despite all these cons I’m listing, I still highly recommend BoardBooster as a pin tool and I love the value it brings to Pinterest marketing, so I will continue to personally use it.

Buuuuuuuuuuut it isn’t perfect so here are the things that I don’t like about it.


It is literally the slowest software that I have ever used in my entire life.

I feel like it takes 23 minutes just to load anything on there which can be quite frustrating. I do understand that they're working as the middle man (connecting with my boards, my pins and my posts) and that it probably needs that time to work seamlessly along with all the other wonderful features I’m getting.


If you’re getting ready to work on scheduling posts on BoardBooster, you better bring your coffee and a Mama-sized dose of patience because you’re going to be sitting there for a long time.


This isn't really a huge con but I do find the design to be a bit outdated.

I think that BoardBooster adds an incredible amount of value to any blogging business and to any blogger/website that is using them to schedule their pins. So it’s because of that value that I feel they really deserve a sleeker design. It’s kind of clunky and boring right now!

The design doesn’t really affect how well they deliver results and support your blog but it would be nice to see them take things to a more sophisticated level.


I'm not going to get all technical here but not being “approved” simply means that Pinterest hasn’t really gone through the process of working with them in a thorough enough process where they would feel comfortable giving BoardBooster their mark of approval.

There’s a particular myth in the blogging world that you won’t get as good results with BoardBooster compared to other tools. Now to be clear, this myth typically states that you’re not going to get poor results, just not same level of results as the other tools.

Because of this, some people feel that Pinterest will overlook pins that are scheduled by BoardBooster (hence the myth) and the Pinterest users just won't see them as often. 

However, I have used both BoardBooster and other Pinterest scheduling platforms separately, and have worked extensively on each for months and I see very similar results.

When I compare my traffic results due to these schedulers, I am never driven to a point where I feel like BoardBooster has given me terrible results. I've simply never seen much of a difference. I always feel like I’m getting my money’s worth with it! 

So while they aren’t an approved API Partner, I’m still going to continue using them as a Pinterest scheduler because I get the results I want. But I wanted this to be a thorough review and that's why I'm mentioning it as a con.

So that wraps it up for this review! Overall I think BoardBooster is a very helpful and wonderful tool to have (if not a must) for your blogging business. It has all the right functions and features at a very affordable cost.

If you find yourself interested in using this scheduler, don’t miss out on the chance to get your first 100 scheduled pins for free through this special link. And be sure to check out my exclusive tutorial on how I schedule HUNDREDS of pins in less than 30 minutes by joining the Blogging Business Club!