The Biggest Mistake Bloggers Make

What Are You Obsessing About?

Writing, blogging, posting…

You’ve been doing this for quite a while now but you couldn’t seem to get to a point where you’re raking in big bucks for your skills and effort in writing blogs. Well, if you’re looking to take that skill to the next level and start a real blogging business, you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve been sharing through my blog (right here and on YouTube) just how to make that happen, including a full online course Blogging to Win, which we’re opening soon. The course covers Blogging 101 basics, important blogging tips (not just for the basic blog writing but an actual blogging business!), and avoiding blogging mistakes that get in the way of your success. We only get to open this four times a year so be sure to check it out before we close the doors for registration.

Meanwhile for today, let’s get down to some of the important things we have to remember or rather, remember to avoid, to become effective bloggers. Now don’t feel too bad if you recognize some of these bumbles in the list, because I’ve seen these blogging mistakes from both new and expert bloggers. We’re only human after all, but it pays to be aware and conscious about them.

They happen quite often, and they just make me want to stop people in their tracks and say “Stop doing that, it’s not going to get you anywhere! Let me help you! Just sit down, let’s have some coffee and talk about this.” 

When the Obsession Starts

We all want to make money blogging but sometimes WE are the very reason it's not happening. If you've been writing blogs for 10 years or only 10 minutes, then you need to know about one of the biggest blogging mistakes writers make that stunt their blogging business growth.

Blogging can sometimes be really lonely, because most of the time we’re doing it all by ourselves, without anyone to bounce off ideas with.  And while meet-ups and conferences are good venues to relieve some of that, just like how I personally enjoy doing one-on-one coaching sessions with my students, most of the time, when we’re getting into the actual work and we’re writing, we’re all by ourselves.

So what tends to happen is we get too much inside our own head and obsess… sometimes it’s about the right things (helping people, producing better work), but sometimes it’s about the wrong things.

The Biggest Mistake Bloggers Make - Obsessing About Page Views Only

Hold on a moment, you’re probably thinking, “She’s crazy; I’m going to stop reading this now." I know, yes, page views are extremely important, but it’s not the ONLY important thing to when your blogging.

Don’t forget that you have a goal when you’re writing blogs, apart from pageviews. Let's say you have an online course you’re offering on your blog. If you're getting a lot of pageviews but no one's buying the course then you’re getting nowhere.

So here are some blogging tips to consider when you’re in that frame of mind:

1.     Instead of simply writing blogs about anything that’ll get you a lot of page views, why not filter that and focus on niches that are related to the product or service you are offering? Write about the product itself, or topics surrounding it, while keeping both your page views and your product in mind.

The question you should be asking is, “Are these 100,000 pageviews that you’re bringing in interested in the products that you’re offering?” Because if they’re not, then those aren't prime pageviews. You want the best page views and the best readers. And the best readers are the ones that are interested in the value of content you're offering.

Blogging just for the sake of pageviews can feel so unrewarding so build an audience for your blog that will also be interested in what you have to offer.  

2.     Utilize the traffic and potential traffic you already have coming to you, while also trying to grow your blog.

Let's say you’re only getting 100 pageviews a month. That’s still something you can work with! Don’t neglect what you already have, instead use it and convert it.

We all want to make money blogging but sometimes WE are the very reason it's not happening. If you've been writing blogs for 10 years or only 10 minutes, then you need to know about one of the biggest mistakes bloggers make to stunt their business growth. ● BIGGEST MISTAKE BLOGGERS MAKE ● BLOGGING TIPS ● WRITING BLOGS

Sometimes you’ll find that a bigger audience doesn’t necessarily mean more sales or conversions. If you take care of your audience now, utilize what you already have, create content that helps them, and bring their interest to what you have to offer, then you can count on better conversions. Converting 10% of 100 visitors is still better than converting 0% of 1000 visitors.

3.     Look at how to execute your blog seamlessly from start to end.

Inline with number two, a seamless execution of your content will translate to higher conversions. And I’m talking every single blog post that you write, every single subscriber incentive you put up, and every single video that you post. Make sure that they all work together seamlessly!

This is just one of the most important blogging tips I can give you because if you only get 100 pageviews per month, those pageviews are rock awesome and will convert to whatever products or services you're offering.

The Challenge

Let's end this blog post with a fun challenge!


For the next 7 days, do not check your Google analytics (or Wordpress or whatever you use to check statistics). Don’t even look at the number of pageviews or users, just IGNORE it all!

Remove yourself from that bubble and instead, use those next 7 days to focus on subscriber incentives and products that you might want to create to help your readers.

You can start this challenge at any time, it doesn't have to be when this post goes live. I personally do it periodically when I start getting stressed.

When you hear yourself say, “I need more pageviews, I need more pageviews, I need more pageviews,” it’s the perfect time to step away for a bit and refocus all that energy into something more productive like your content and conversions.

Happy blogging!