Blogger & Vlogger Travel List Essentials


Even bloggers and vloggers need to know what to pack when traveling! I've got a simple travel checklist if you need to do a little work on the go. Here are my blogger and vlogger (since I do both) travel essentials! 

This post contains affiliate links. You can read more in my Disclaimer here, but girl don't worry. I only recommend things I really love or use. 

1. This Canon Camera

My first vlogger essential is my handy-dandy camera. I will be vlogging a little bit during this trip so I can keep the blog and my YouTube channel up and running. This will be the easiest way for me to do that. Click the photo above to see the exact model I use.

I also just use the lens kit that comes alone with it. I won't bring anything too fancy because I will be on a road trip with my child and we don't know what kind of chaos there will be!

2. This Joby Tripod

To make the filming a little easier, I will be bringing my tripod. The usual tripod I use to film YouTube videos is too tall so I highly recommend the Joby Gorillapod with the ball head! It's incredibly sturdy and I never feel like my camera is just going to pop off.

3. My External Hard Drive

The next thing I'll be bringing is my external hard drive. I have a ton of projects I'm working on but I (unfortunately) have a MacBook Air as my laptop. If you have one too then you also know it has nearly zero storage. Ugh. 

4. SD Card Reader and Notebook

I'll also be bringing my SD card reader because I'll be editing my videos on my laptop, as well as this notebook. This exact notebook is my everything! It has all of my checklists and strategies that I'm currently putting into action.

5. Headphones and Batteries

I will also be bringing a pair of headphones so that I can edit while Hubby is driving. There's nothing more irritating than having to listen to someone else edit a video. Ha! 

Then I'll also have some extra batteries for my Rode VideoMic Pro, which is the microphone that I highly recommend if you want to connect it to a DSLR camera.

6. SD Cards

Recently I went to the store and picked up a 64GB SD card. I usually only have one with me but it's starting to get to the point where I just run out storage because I film so often, so I'll be bringing some extra SD cards with me as well!

7. YouTube and Blogging Schedules

I'm also bringing my YouTube and Blogging Business Club filming schedules. Typically I would just keep the schedule online but obviously, we will be traveling a lot and hotel WIFI isn't really dependable.

7. Upwork and Google Drive Apps


The last must-have travel list essentials are actually apps on my iPhone. I refuse to depend on WIFI because you never know when it's going to be a strong connection. 

I have a lot of different projects on Upwork and the app is exactly how I stay connected with my virtual assistant and tech guy. In addition to that, I also desperately need Google Drive because a lot of the documents and the files they need are located on there. 

That's going to wrap it up for this blog post! Do you use any of these essentials?

I love seeing travel essentials for a normal vacation but we all know that we bloggers are bringing special equipment too.

Let me know what your favorite item was and what you bring on your travels!


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