Aldi vs Walmart: The Ultimate Price Comparison

Is Aldi really cheaper than Walmart? I went to both stores for the ultimate price comparison on over 85 items and I'm sharing it all on the blog!

Is Aldi really cheaper than Walmart? I went to both stores for the ultimate price comparison on over 85 items and I'm sharing it all on the blog today!

My Shopping Experience at Aldi & Walmart

I've been shopping at Aldi for over 15 years and at Walmart for as long as I can remember. I feel like both stores really have a lot of pros and cons (more on that in a future post) and recently decided to narrow down exactly how different they are in pricing.

My family and I are doing the Whole30 for the month of January so our produce and meat prices needed some special attention. I like to know if I'm getting the best deal when we're eating plenty of both at every single meal.

Obviously, your shopping experience with the quality of each store may be different than mine so please keep that in mind while reading this post. I've been to both wonderful and terrible Walmart and Aldi locations. I've purchased wonderful fruit from one, terrible fruit in another, and vice versa. You just never know!

Things You Should Know About My Grocery Comparison

There are so many details to take into consideration while going through this comparison.

  • With over 85 items included, my prices may be slightly different from your prices depending on your location
  • All compared products are Walmart's Great Value brand and the Aldi store brand
  • Both the Walmart and Aldi used in this experiment were located in Houston, Texas, USA
  • This experiment was performed and posted in January 2016. This may affect the prices of produce and other groceries
  • I did not include any sale prices. This was done in an attempt to give you the most accurate price comparison possible
  • I've included the total price for each item but as Walmart and Aldi differed on sizing for most of their groceries, I've included the price per unit as well. For example, Walmart sells apples in a 5 pound bag and Aldi sells theirs in a 3 pound bag. I list the prices as $4.82 and $2.99 but ultimately compare them as $0.96/pound and $1.00/pound, respectively (Winner: Walmart)
  • Price per unit was used to determine each item's winner

Lastly, many hours were put into this project. I put on comfy tennis shoes and walked around these stores with a giant legal pad, trying not to miss a single detail. Every effort was made to ensure accuracy in the making of this post. However, please expect that available items or prices may vary. With so many locations around the world, it's just bound to happen.

Download Aldi vs Walmart: The Ultimate Price Comparison

Click here or on the photo below to download the price comparison sheet.

Conclusion: Is Aldi Cheaper than Walmart?

Mostly yes, but not in every category! I really thought Aldi was going to blow Walmart out of the water on every single item. Obviously, it was far and away the winner all around. But it really failed in the meat prices, both frozen and fresh.

Here are the winners according to each section:

  • Produce: ALDI
  • Meat/Fish: WALMART
  • Snacks/Basics: ALDI
  • Condiments: ALDI
  • Cans/Jars: ALDI
  • Dairy: ALDI
  • Baking: ALDI
  • Miscellaneous: ALDI

Your savings may be dependent on what you and your family mostly eat. For example, Walmart was far and away more cheaper in the meat department. But if you don't typically eat meat, then Aldi would be a better choice if you're looking for one-stop shopping.

Overall, I'm incredibly glad I was able to do this because I can print it out and easily compare my normal stores (Walmart & Aldi) to other sales in my area (Sam's, Costco, Target, Kroger, HEB, and so on).

Do you shop at Aldi or Walmart? What do you like/dislike?