50 (Easy!) Random Acts of Kindness to Start Today {BONUS PRINTABLE}

Both my husband and I have been trying to make a conscious effort to be more giving and selfless of our time and energy. But with a baby and a job that requires a lot of commuting, we find that our charity days are limited to the weekends, random days off, and pockets of time here and there. We can never sign up for something that would require an ongoing commitment at the risk that our schedule would change and that responsibility would be neglected. Do you suffer from the same problem? I came up with this list of easy and random acts of kindness that you could do on almost any day of the week. It's been a huge help for us, acting as a reminder to give a little love to the world!

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  1. Let people merge in front of you in traffic
  2. Take some baked goodies to your neighbor
  3. Surprise your partner/spouse with a tight hug and a compliment
  4. Call your grandparents
  5. Send a post card to your parents using snail mail
  6. Hide a love note in your spouse's lunch box or briefcase
  7. Hold the judgment and patiently listen to someone's struggles
  8. Hold the door for a stranger
  9. Pay for someone's coffee
  10. Celebrate someone else's good news
  11. Volunteer at your local church
  12. Clean a mess for someone without expecting any acknowledgment
  13. Smile!
  14. Hug someone who's having a bad day
  15. Go through your closets, kitchen cabinets, and all other nooks and crannies of your home. Donate everything your haven't used in the past year
  16. Be genuinely friendly to your greatest "frenemy"
  17. Write a happy message on the sidewalk with chalk
  18. Forgive someone who has been mean to you
  19. Offer to give stressed parents a free night of babysitting
  20. Volunteer at a nursing home
  21. Pay the toll for the driver behind you
  22. Offer to pick up groceries for your parents or grandparents
  23. Volunteer at your local library
  24. Donate blood or plasma
  25. Offer to mow your neighbor's lawn for free
  26. Clean up your local park
  27. Put some extra change in someone's parking meter
  28. Volunteer at your local hospital
  29. Donate time or materials to an animal shelter
  30. Tell someone they're having a great hair day!
  31. Donate food to a food bank
  32. Send a military care package
  33. Let someone else check out in front of you at the grocery store
  34. Thank your teacher/boss/co-worker for their hard work and dedication
  35. Defend someone who is being treated poorly
  36. Invite a shy person into your group of friends
  37. Pay for the person behind you in a drive-thru
  38. Leave a quarter in a gumball machine
  39. Plan and host a local clothes drive
  40. Send anonymous flowers to someone who is currently struggling or unhappy
  41. Donate art supplies to your local children's hospital
  42. Surprise a mom or dad with a large package of diapers for their baby
  43. Sprinkle encouraging notes throughout your child's backpack and lunch bag
  44. Leave a generous tip to a very deserving waiter/waitress
  45. Bring doughnuts to your local police or fire departments
  46. Visit a sick friend
  47. Read to a young child
  48. Offer to walk your neighbor's dog
  49. Donate popular children's books to your local library
  50. Visit someone who is often alone or lonely

How do you contribute your time and talents to your community? 

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