5 Steps to a Clean Kitchen

Who has the extra time to keep their kitchen sparkling clean at all hours of the day? I'm both a work-from-home and stay-at-home mom. I'm lucky if I am able to eat a pb&j sandwich before 11:00am! But a tidy kitchen always gives a nice boost to the day. It can make you feel like all of the dirty laundry in the world doesn't matter because you can find a clean coffee cup and there's no junk on the countertops.

I don't have a lot of time in the morning (or afternoon...or evening...) so I like to use a quick system to freshen things up before the day gets away from me.

Follow these 5 easy steps for the fastest way to clean your kitchen and you'll never find yourself in an overwhelming mess again!

1. Empty your sink.

If it's 11pm and you're all but ready to fall into bed, clear your sink out AT THE VERY LEAST. No need to wash the dishes! Just rinse and stack. In fact, I don't think there's any need to wash your dishes after every meal. But there's just something about an empty sink that will make your rushed morning 1,000x easier.

Stacked dishes give the appearance of order and control, regardless of whether they have actually been washed.

2. Clean off the counters.

That random leftover sandwich is an unpleasant sight to see if you've already had a tough day or just have a long day ahead of you. Do yourself a favor and clear the whole counter off.

The first time you tackle this may mean going through old junk mail or finally designating a place for odds and ends. But if you clear things off every day it will only take a minute or two from that point on.

3. Sweep the floor.

Stop stepping over the spilled Cheerios and do a quick sweep around the kitchen floor. Nothing looks more ridiculous than walking around food because you don't want to crush it with your socks. (Don't worry, we've all been guilty once or twice!)

4. Clean the splatters.

Grab a washcloth and spend 30 seconds scrubbing if that's all the time you have. That spaghetti sauce has been there since Tuesday.

I personally do a wipe down after every single meal because grease and dust on the cooking range hood really grosses me out. It also helps me avoid the layers of grime that like to build up after I fry something on the stove.

5. Take out the trash.

Oh no, you have unexpected company! You can explain away the random papers laying in the entryway ("I'm writing a very important article on junk mail.") but you can't explain away the overflowing, smelly trash. It's unpleasant for your guests but it's also unpleasant for you too!

Following a simple routine can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your kitchen. Keeping things tidy will only take a few minutes if that's all you have. There's no need to do a two hour deep cleaning session! Start by making the dirty dishes look organized and follow that up with a quick clean of the countertops. Then sweep away the crumbs and wipe the splatters from last night's lasagna. Spend 30 seconds taking out the trash and you are officially a Kitchen Boss!

What is your routine for cleaning the kitchen?