“If you want to make extra money for your family, or have a career where you can work from home with flexible hours, then [Allison’s] course [Blogging to Win] will show you how to do it…Allison has taken her previous experience, research, along with trial and error to give us a single source to grow your blogging business.”

- Jia, MarriageMotherhood.com


“I have taken a few courses and have attended a few webinars of Allison's. They are full of applicable, up-to-date information on how to succeed as a blogger! If you have a set of different circumstances than what she covers, she goes above and beyond to help tailor what she teaches so that you can succeed. Allison is super supportive of her students and is incredibly authentic with what she has to say.”

- Marlee, IJustMakeSandwiches.com