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Want to build a profitable blog but don't know where to START?

Imagine a course that...

...shows you exactly how to build the foundation for a profitable blog.

...holds your hand and guides you step-by-step through all of the techie, planning, posting, and brainstorming stages.

...eliminates the need for you to spend hours on Pinterest searching for "Blogging Tips" because it's got ALL the instructions you need.

...gets you one step closer to creating a money-making blog that so you can eventually quit that boring job.

...was created for the busy woman who means business and is willing to put in the hard work to watch her blog grow.


*We are not accepting new students till June 2017! 

Blogging to Win is an online course about building a blogging business (not a hobby) with all of the modern strategies bloggers are using today.

MODULE #1: Creating your profitable blogging business

  • Discover your profitable business idea
  • Create your business plans and goals

MODULE #2: Launching your blog

  • Setup your domain and hosting
  • Learn how to create your brand identity on a budget
  • Choose the tech tools you need
  • Learn how to optimize your site layout

MODULE #3: Establishing your online presence

  • Discover the best blogging method and learn how to write a stellar post
  • Find free/affordable options for your photography and graphics
  • Learn why you should connect with other bloggers
  • Learn how to initiate a mutually beneficial collaboration with other bloggers
  • Learn how to guest post the modern way

MODULE #4: Creating your email marketing strategy

  • Choose your email provider
  • Discover how to create an effective email marketing plan
  • Set up your subscriber forms and create a content upgrade
  • Discover the highest-converting content upgrades and how to use them to your advantage 
  • Discover how to engage and connect with your subscribers through different types of emails


  • MODULE #5: Validate your entrepreneurial idea

  • Learn how to validate your entrepreneurial idea with no subscribers
  • Learn how to validate your entrepreneurial idea with subscribers
  • MODULE #6: Growing your audience

  • Discover different ways to grow your audience
  • Learn how to maximize your use of social media
  • Learn how to maximize your use of SEO
  • Create an effective social media plan
  • Learn how to save time by scheduling posts

MODULE #7: Launching your entrepreneurial idea

  • Discover the fastest way to build your list and connect with your audience
  • Create a detailed launch plan for your product/business
  • How to write successful pitches 
  • Learn how to impress your potential clients

MODULE #8: Other forms of monetization

  • Discover the best ad networks on the market
  • Learn how to use affiliate links without being "salesy"
  • Discover when you should use sponsored posts and when you shouldn't 
  • Learn how to reach out to brands and effectively promote them

It's not too late to start a blog (in ANY niche!) because times are a-changin' and you haven't shared your voice with the world yet.

Blogging is a constantly evolving masterpiece. We're always dodging algorithm curveballs and changing strategies as technology, trends, and people push the limits.

We need YOU to bring your fresh perspective to the blogging world.

Do not listen to the fool who says you missed your chance to blog about a certain topic because Blogger So-and-So is already successfully writing about it. 

There are millions of people in this world. Some of them may not enjoy the writing or content style of Blogger So-and-So because...we are human. We don't always click with everyone. 

And maybe they're waiting for a voice like yours in that niche.

There are people out there who think like YOU (not Blogger So-and-So) and will enjoy your content. They want to hear your voice and your opinion on that particular niche.

What are students saying? 


“If you want to make extra money for your family, or have a career where you can work from home with flexible hours, then [Allison’s] course [Blogging to Win] will show you how to do it…Allison has taken her previous experience, research, along with trial and error to give us a single source to grow your blogging business.”

- Jia, MarriageMotherhood.com

“I have taken a few courses and have attended a few webinars of Allison's. They are full of applicable, up-to-date information on how to succeed as a blogger! If you have a set of different circumstances than what she covers, she goes above and beyond to help tailor what she teaches so that you can succeed. Allison is super supportive of her students and is incredibly authentic with what she has to say.”

- Marlee, IJustMakeSandwiches.com

Is this course for everyone? No, it's not.

This course is for you if:

  • You already know that creating a money-making blog takes a lot of hard work, but you just don't know exactly what to work on

  • You want to know what strategies actually work when using a blog to sell products or services

  • You want to know what you can do on a tight schedule to make the most of your efforts

  • You don't want to waste time on strategies that won't build and grow your business

This course is about creating a solid business plan and using your blog to put your strategies to work! 

Oh, hey girl! I'm Allison and I have a confession.

I made a lot of mistakes when I started blogging. I spent hours on link parties and hustled every day to make sure I posted at least 3 times/week, every week.

And you know what? There were better things I could've done with my time to grow my blogging business. 

I quickly realized that my vision of a successful blog was not necessarily what everyone else was envisioning. I wanted to create a content-rich community and sell products to help grow my business. I wasn't interested in wasting precious time on social media. (Let's get real- our kids are only going to nap for so long and our lunch break is only 30 minutes.) 

If you and I sound like kindred spirits (#AnneofGreenGables) then you'll want to join Blogging to Win because I made it for women like you and me.

If you're ready to take your blogging business seriously, then the Advanced Package was made just for you! 


It includes 8 self-paced lessons, each with their own exercise to ensure you're ready to move onto the next module. 

You also receive multiple video tutorials for each of the lessons. I literally record my screen and walk you through the tech side of blogging, step-by-step so you don't get lost!

To wrap up this package, you also gain instant access to the new and improved premium version Blogging to Win Workbook and all previous blogging-related webinar recordings and interviews, including: 

  • How to Get Your First 100k Pageviews Using Pinterest

  • How to Get Your First 1k Subscribers Using Pinterest and ConvertKit

  • How to Setup a Resource Library for $0


You can also schedule a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with Allison to get personal feedback on your unique blogging ideas...or just to hear how funny she is. 



The Beginner Package


  • 8 self-paced module lessons of blogging business basics
  • Exercises for each module












The Intermediate Package


  • 8 self-paced module lessons of blogging business basics
  • Exercises for each module
  • Step-by-step video tutorials for each module, including How to Analyze Your Competition, Creating and Inserting Pins in Your Blog Posts, How to Create a Subscribers Incentive, How to Use Google's Keyword Planner, How to Analyze Your Statistics for Product/Service Validation, How to Backup Your Site, and many more!

The Advanced Package


  • 8 self-paced module lessons of blogging business basics
  • Exercises for each module
  • Step-by-step video tutorials for each module
  • 30 minute 1:1 coaching session through Skype or on the phone
  • Blogging to Win Workbook (new and improved premium version)
  • Access to all previous blogging-related webinar recordings and interviews, including How to Get Your First 100k Pageviews and How to Get Your First 1k Subscribers


+ When does this course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish. (Please note that enrollment periods are not year-round. If enrollment is open, you'll have access immediately. Otherwise, you must wait until enrollment reopens.)

+ How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

+ Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to know what strategies really matter for building a blogging business. You don't have time for link parties or spending hours on Facebook trying to convince people to go to your site. You want to put in the hard work but you only have so many hours/week you can actually put towards blogging. You want to build a blogging business that's creating revenue in more ways than just sponsorship posts.

+ Will this course work for my niche?

The strategies and tactics can be applied to nearly every blogging niche, including (but certainly NOT limited to) DIY, personal finance, food, home management, decor and design, organization, crafts, parenting, fashion, business, and so on. This course was built around the idea that you want to create a profitable blogging business, as opposed to you creating a particular type of blog. As long as this sounds like you, this course will work in your niche.

+ Why should I pay for this course when I can find free blogging advice online?

You're absolutely right. There's a LOT of free blogging information out there. But you take the chance of wasting precious time and money using strategies that are outdated or geared towards the wrong niche. You don't have time for fluff and neither do I. That's why I created this course with a laser focus. I only share what REALLY works so you don't do things that are a total waste of energy. (I'm lookin' at you, link parties.)

+ Which package should I buy?

Want to get your feet wet with running a blog that can make money? The Beginner’s Package is for you!

Need step-by-step tutorials because the techie stuff is driving you crazy? The Intermediate Package is for you!

Ready to take your blog to the next level because you mean business? The Advanced Package is for you!

+ Do you have an affiliate program?

It makes my heart sing when you guys love my course so much that you want to share it! You deserve a little love for telling folks about Blogging to Win so I created an affiliate program that offers you a 40% cut of every purchase made through your unique link. Just send a message to hello@frugalontheprairie.com for more info if you're interested.

+ What is the refund policy?

My course only works if you do. A successful blogging business takes a lot of hard work and there is no magic formula or workbook out there that can build a profitable platform for you overnight.

That being said, if you would like a refund, you have 7 days from the date of purchase to request one. When you purchase this course you agree to the refund policy, which states that you must show proof of work before any refund will be issued. Please visit the Refund Policy page for more information.

Please note that this course is not a magic formula for overnight success. If profitable blogging was that easy, everyone in the world would be doing it. However, it is possible to build a profitable blog on a tight schedule as long as you have the right strategies and tactics, which I've included. This course was designed to only recommend the steps I've found will give you the highest return on your investment in time. It will still require hard work, focus, and dedication but you won't find any outdated strategies mentioned here because those are a waste of your time. 

**The Wordpress platform was used for the backend portion of the tutorials. You do not need to use Wordpress if there is another platform that you prefer. Simply apply the same rules I mention during each tutorial as you create your site, such as homepage optimization, subscriber form placement, etc.