How to Create a Profitable Blog: Course + Workbook for the Champion Blogger

Want to know how to start a blog so you can make money? Sign up for my free 7-day course so you can impress your readers and earn an income online!

Interested in starting a blog and making money from home? I earned my first $200 within 3 months of starting Frugal on the Prairie then went on to earn a full-time income from home about 6 months later! 

If you're ready to get started, I have a free step-by-step video tutorial for setting up your domain and hosting in under 7 minutes (check it out below), which can be a headache to figure out by yourself if you've never done it before! I also highly recommend and use Bluehost for my hosting! (Click here to get a free domain! It's an affiliate link but girl, I never recommend something I don't love or use ;) 

I started this blog about just over a year ago. In ten months, I hit over 300,000/pageviews a month AND created a full-time income from the comfort of my home. Yeah, that's right. My blogging journey has been an awesome one. But it certainly wasn't easy. I've spent countless hours cranking out content, utilizing social media, and creating/implementing business strategies. I've had my fair share of failures and lessons learned, but oh man I've also had a lot of hallelujah-moments too.

If you've ever been interested in creating a profitable blog, then sit up and pay attention because I've taken all that experience and created a free blogging course just for you called Blogging to Win. Woo-hooooo!

This course will walk you through 7 lessons, step-by-step, so you never miss an important blogging detail or nifty trick. Learn how to create your brand, set up your domain and hosting, build a unique marketing plan, and determine which monetization strategies will pack the biggest punch for you and your site.

If that's not enough to convince you that it's totally awesome, here's a sneak peak of the topics for each week.

  • Welcome Email: Blogging Myths You Need to Banish From Your Mind
  • Day 1: Finding Your Why + Creating Awesome Goals
  • Day 2: Creating Your Brand + Design
  • Day 3: Plan Your Content
  • Day 4: Your Tribe + An Email Marketing Plan
  • Day 5: Connecting + Using Social Media
  • Day 6: Monetization (Part 1)
  • Day 7: Monetization (Part 2)

Now I know we're all busy. I'm a WAHM and if I know one thing about business and blogging, it's that the to-do list is a Black Hole.

With that in mind, I made sure this course goes over everything I wish I'd known in a compact, simplified version so you can get things up and running in a week if you wanted to.

Want to know how to start a blog so you can make money? Sign up for my free 7-day course so you can impress your readers and earn an income online!

Oh, and did I mention my commitment to the code of honesty? If I don't think obsessing over social media to grow your blog is worth it (I don't) then I'll tell you all about it. I also let you in on a lot of other blogging secrets. This course is very down-to-earth and realistic, even if the advice doesn't exactly match what everyone else is doing.

I know by now you're itching to get started so sign up for the course.